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Browsing on a Windy Weekend

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I did it! I finished my first lace sock for the Mystery Sock KAL. Now I need to make sure I knit the second one identical to the first. Thankfully I inserted notes within the pattern while knitting it, so wish me luck on getting an FO ready for you by Monday. And if you are wondering why no photo yet, it is because I want to show the completed pair for you. By the way, I am sure you are asking yourself, “Why no Saturday Sky?” It is because yesterday my area was hit with a downpour of rain combined with 60-MPH winds. Let me admit that we did not leave the house; I knitted to the college football games while Rich was upstairs on his PC. Today is much better, even though the winds are down to 50-MPH. (Shrug) At least the sun is out and the clouds are fluffily white. And no, I did not take a picture. It is supposed to be Saturday Sky, remember? 😉

Now that I completely knitted my first adult-sized sock, I understand the fascination with making them. There is something magical on how twists and turns create the heel flap and gusset. I decided that after this pattern is over, I am going to attempt another worsted weight sock pattern before trying out Cookie’s Socktoberfest 2006 “BFF” pattern from her blog and her famous Pomatomus pattern on Knitty. I know exactly which yarn to use for both all the pairs too — Marks & Kattens’ Feeling in forest/sage (for the worsted pattern), Lacy’s SP8 gift of Claudia’s Fingering Merino in Donna’s Favorite (for BFF), and Keohinani’s RAOK gift of Lorna’s Laces in Aslan (for Pomatomus). I think I am hooked on socks, but lace shawls are still my favorite. Plus, with the sock yarn that I have, I will be able to decrease my stash even further by knitting socks as holiday gifts. Whoopee!

For an update on Jessica Bunny, I had switched out their rich green hay with straight timothy hay. Granted, the timothy does not have the tons of clover and alfalfa mixed into the “bunny crack” bale, and she is still occasionally sneezing, but at least she is not having full-blown fits that were lasting about 2-3 minutes. Admittedly, Rich and I are relieved she does not have to follow up at Big River Veterinary. To have her knocked out is stressful for her and our one-person income. I would rather give whatever funds we can spare to Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue, which is where we adopted her bun-mate Zydeco, and our mischievous fellow Julius.

Speaking of Sweet Binks, while browsing on Jessi’s sneezing and Tahki Charles’ Chelsea Silk yarn (I saw it in an eBay auction so I decided to research it further) on Goodsearch, I decided to check and see what “Sweet Binks” would bring up. Besides the expected (and very good!) results, I stumbled across a bakery which specializes in Mediterranean pastry. I think it had to do with the word SWEET in my search. Liberty Sweets appeals to the sweet-toothed child in me. Plus they also have tyropita, which is like the more well-known spanakopita (spinach pie in phyllo), but has an all-cheese filling. Strange how you can wander about on the net, eh?

You may be curious on why I use Goodsearch instead of Google. This Yahoo search engine supports your favorite charity each time you use it. Of course, I had to check it out to see how it worked. Quite honestly, the search engine itself is not bad, so if I am not happy with the results I just use the drop down menu and re-do the search on Google. Guess which charity I support on Goodsearch? Hmmm, that could be another contest question… =:8

Edit: And before I forget AGAIN, my SP9 Hostess Lorinda has issued a challenge. Tell a story that has to do with knitting/crocheting. Bet you think it sounds easy? Here is the catch: it must be in six words. So here is mine for you all to read. I posted “Knitting socks to keep feet warm!” on her comments. Hope that says enough for a story.

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  1. wow, for some reason, i thought you’d knitted socks before. how exciting! socks take a long time to knit – well, for me they do unless i get wild hair up my butt and go on a sock knitting fritz. i can’t wait to see yours!
    glad to hear y’all are safe from the inclement weather. it’s been storming here since yesterday evening.
    and it’s good to hear the bunner’s doing okay. it’s frustrating when pets get sick because they can’t say what hurts and you love them as you would a human family member.
    that was a crazy interesting contest, btw. (yes, i entered.) my six word story was “At midnight, the yarn became socks.” not very original, but i thought it was fitting given my sleepless nights and midnight knitting habits.
    it’s NOVEMBER!!! already!?

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