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Can you spell B-U-S-Y? (Long Post w/ Pictures)

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If I could describe in one word the last few days since my last post, I would use, “WHEW!” The shopping expedition on Saturday included in order: a nice lunch at Tropical Smoothie with a great Thai chicken wrap and mango smoothie; finding some neat cards and a puzzle at the spiritual Dolphin Tales store; stopping in at Ewe Knit Kits to oogle their locally dyed The Purled Llama yarns and incredible make-you-drool Lorna’s Laces selection (it is HUUUGE!); running into Hecht’s for something to wear for the night’s festivities; Aidan’s Christening at Saint Mark’s Church; and last but not least, the dinner reception at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse (Oh-my-GOODness, the restaurant is FANTASTIC!).

Sunday was a more relaxed pace. Ma and Pop arrived at Abby’s house and we all drove to Rockafeller’s Restaurant out on Rudee Inlet. Since it was Sunday brunch, I decided to go for the freshly squeezed Limeade and DaVinci Salad (scallops wrapped in bacon, YUM!). We had a great table overlooking the docks and watched the boats and their crews play in the inlet. After lunch, Abby and I dropped Lew and Gabby off at the house so we could run into Burlington Coat Factory. I found a couple of toys for the bunnies, and Abby found some baby items for a gift basket and an outfit for the beach. And the beach is where we headed next. Lew’s parents have a home in an area of Virginia Beach called Chesapeake Beach, aka “Chick’s Beach” located on the bay. I was able to get more of Desmond’s blanket done, and snuck a few photos of Lew’s sisters and their kids with Gab and Simon.

Monday the drive back to the North included a couple stops at 2 yarn shops. I just had to return to Ewe Knit Kits and pick up some yarn to make Abby some socks. I always thought she would not like them until I saw how she reacted to the display samples in the shop. She did like the Regia Silk I had in my travel stash, but I picked up Mountain Colors’ Mountain Goat mohair blend in the Granite colorway. In a twisted sense of humor, I could have ordered the Crazy Woman colorway, but however fitting it would be for her and myself, that would not have been nice. The second shop, the Yarn Basket, mostly had yarns that I could get elsewhere, except for 2 that are made in Virginia. I may return there if I like knitting with that yarn to get more. The trip back to Rhode Island was pretty uneventful. The traffic was not what I expected — there was none! Oh, and I finished Desmond’s blanket earlier that morning when Abby was making crepes for breakfast. It is almost identical to the one I made for Aidan.

Tuesday we celebrated the United States’ birthday at Aunt Agnes’ home. The Reynolds’ clan welcomed us three (Mom, Rich and myself) with big hugs and warm greetings. It was my first time attending one of the family functions, and I hope it won’t be my last. Rich and Mom have not been at these in years either. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with everyone and promised Auntie Fran that I will come to her New Year’s Day Open House. I am looking forward to it! In the excitement, I forgot to take photos, but I will try to find some photos of the family that attended the bridal shower Mom threw for me. And on that note, tomorrow next post I will talk about the scare that Jessica Bunny gave us today while I was working from home. =:8

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  1. It’s always fuuuunnnn reading everyone’s blogs. And thank you for mentioning us in yours!! Great pics! Super cute bunny!!

    Terry Erwin
    The Purled Llama Yarn Co., Inc.

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