Saturday Means Sky Photos!

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Yesterday after the oil change before embarking on the big drive, I stopped by Lacewings to see if that blue hank of Tilli Tomas’ Simply Heaven was sold yet. Besides the set of Serendipity straights for a gift (to my SP8 or fellow bloggers maybe?) and a box of Clover flower-headed blocking pins, I ended up with some SEX (that’s Stash Enhancement eXperience, if I recall correctly). The blue Simply Heaven and 2 hanks of Misti Alpaca’s Pima Cotton/Silk have accompanied me on this trip to Virginia. Even better yet, how perfectly fitting that they all be in shades of blue as a tribute for the last day of June’s Project Spectrum!

The trip down took an hour longer than expected. I left Lacewings at 10:45AM and would have made my sister’s at 9:45PM if I had not stopped at the grocery store and Hardees (had to have some fried chicken!!). The traffic was so bad in NYC (was expected) and the Delaware Memorial Bridge (totally NOT expected), I was able to take some photos.

I will always admit that I am a BAD procrastinator. Late last night I realized that I needed to enter my Amazing Lace Challenge #3. Unfortunately for Rich, I panicked when I could not get internet access, and I phoned him with 4 minutes to midnight to get my post entered. Of course when he was about to hit the POST button, I asked him to confirm that the deadline was midnight of July 1st. He read aloud, “Midnight EDT (UTC-4:00), July 2.” After all the yelling I did, I had so much egg on my face. Sorry Hunny! (waving hand and blowing kisses). And speaking of Lace, here is Diamond Fantasy Shawl unblocked. I hope to block her this weekend while in Virginia (hence the blocking pins).

Along with that photo is another for Stashalong’s WIP Challenge. I cast on for a blue chenille robe and bought drink mix for dyeing last night at the grocery store. I am going to check out Richfood’s drink mixes to see how they fare. With 8 for a dollar? You blame me?

My last note is for Sandy’s Saturday’s Sky. I took these photos this morning outside in Abby’s yard. See if you can find the jetplane. I’m off to go shopping with Abby and Gabster, so enjoy the pictures and please check out my Amazing Lace KAL Entry for Challenge #3!! =:8

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  1. Such wonderful pictures in your post – the yarn and needles, the knitting, the sky!!! The only icky thing is all the traffic!!! Blah. We had to go through NY on Wednesday and again yesterday – just not fun. No matter which bridge you choose, it’s a long wait. Have fun at your sister’s!

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