Another Leg in the Relay

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First there was the Diamond Lace Shawl/Scarf for Lorain, then the Clapotis for my SP8 (green) and Helene (blue), now I am coming to the next leg, the Elegantly Simple Baby Blanket by Heartstrings Fiber. Because I really want it lacey and summery, (in other words, “holey” as possible!) I am using my Addi Turbo US13’s with the 2 yarns. Also, this project will be the WIP shot I will show on July 1st, and hopefully it will be on the beach! Meanwhile, take a peek at what I have been cleaning (or should I say unmatting?)…

Yes my friends, that is some sheared fleece. Fred from work has two ewes that were sheared and instead of throwing away the wool at the dump like he usually does, I quickly acquired it he gave it to me. Now that I have a drop spindle from Manmade by Jonne (you REALLY need to meet this WONDERFULLY talented man!), I am going to give it a try. Wish me lots of luck!
Zydeco on the couch looking over Rich
So until Saturday, some quick reminders:

  • Tomorrow, June 30th is Helene’s Birthday. A rumor is going around that she’s turning the quarter of the century mark. Please check out her site (it is mostly in Danish) and wish a big American “Happy Birthday” to her! She has some very neat display tools for websites, like the black scrapbook that turns pages at the click of a button.
  • Congrats to Marcie, our Boston Knit-out and Crochet Volunteer Coordinator, on the newest addition to her family. To use the first and last quotes from Marcie… Subject title in her email: “Please meet a knitter in training.” And the last line of the email: “I’m feeling pretty good considering we might have had to name her Ted (I spent much of my labor in the Ted
    Williams Tunnel).” And for those who may have heard of the Big Dig, that tunnel is all a part of it! And for another plug…
  • Please be sure to grab the button for Boston Knit-out and Crochet and post it on your site’s sidebar. If you help promote the site, we are handing out (oops, not supposed to say that!) giving away door prizes to the Bloggers that do so when they come to the gathering on September 24th. That’s a Sunday and the festivities start at 12 noon sharp!

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  1. How did you unmat your fleece? I’m working on a Dorset that I washed in the washing machine. I thought it would be a good way since the fleece was so dirty and full of VM and supposedly because Dorset doesn’t felt. For me, I’m splitting fibers with my hands then working with dog combs. This process is slow and tedious, but slowly and painfully the Dorset is coming clean and more lock like.



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