The Biggest Apple

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Now that I work for a company which specializes in software, one would think that all of us are little geeks who run around with mobile phones, pagers, PDAs, and live on technology-loving sites. That bit is partially true. A lot of folks at my work are fellow tech-heads, but most of them are loyal to Mr. Gates whereas I will confess that I still am an avid reader of data center blogs like “Data Center Knowledge” and “Data Center Journal.” These sites keep me updated on the latest news from my former world. When I arrived at my newly appointed cube, I was quick to add a few touches that definitely screamed “A Crafty Person Works Here!” One of the items was the Frankenstein Rabbit that stopped for a brief stint.
FrankenBun at my KeyboardpaddingFrankenBun's ProfilepaddingFrankenBun's Funny Face
Now here is a quick story on FrankenBun. I am participating in the Killer Rabbit knitting/crocheting assassin game in which each assassin must make a rabbit and send it to his/her intended target before another assassin “kills” with his/her Killer Rabbit. Since my original had received a rabbit before FrankenBun’s arrival on my doorstep, FrankenBun’s death powers were deactivated due to her death. I then had to forward him to another killed assassin while I making Killer Caesar Rabbit in the knitted pattern. So basically, the object of the game is to be the last assassin standing. šŸ™‚
Yummy lunch of Indian food!
There is an often-said statement at work, “You won’t starve working here!” The photo above was taken when the upper management set up a buffet of Indian food in the boardroom. Other times it will be Greek dishes or Thai. I was already warned to watch out for the “First year 40” which is the gaining of forty pounds. I have heard of the “Freshman Fifteen” but FORTY? ACK!! I feel like joining a gym and getting back into yoga.
Drive by SnapshotpaddingView Walking out of the GaragepaddingGetting in LinepaddingWhere the line was at
During my second week of work, I heard stories about the new Apple Store opening up in Boston. The news stating this store would be the largest had my curiosity peaked. Interestingly the only other person who is pro-Apple at work is our Chairman of the Board. Mr. Allen loves his Mac, and it is the only one on the network as far as I know. On opening day, I decided to go ahead and check it out. Stating that the line waiting to get inside the store was a bit long is an understatement. It was LOOOOOOOONG as in it was about 20+ people wide and 3 blocks deep. I took a quick photo when I found my place in line. Note the last photo in the set above? Here is where Newbury Street is on the map.
Drive by SnapshotpaddingView Walking out of the Garage
Not sure why, but that spiraling glass staircase fascinated me to no end. I took a number of photos and when one of the Apple Team was happy to walk me down to the iTouch section, he explained that it was his first chance to check it out. None of the employees were allowed to step on it until after the doors literally opened. The plastic covering the glass was removed just before the doors were unlocked. The Big Bosses were afraid that something might happen to the glass, and I do not blame them one bit!
Checking out the sackspaddingOne of the pretty displayspaddingAn Apple's ReflectionpaddingA shot of the media
I walked around the store, checking out the toys, and enjoying the people-watching. When I took a shot of the camera crew photographing the employees handing out the boxes of tee-shirts, a light bulb brightened in my head. I handed my camera to a Team Apple member and asked if she would take my photo. I then popped my tee-shirt on and posed in front of the giant Apple. šŸ™‚
Me during Opening Day on Boylston Street
Portrait now taken, I started walking towards the staircase to leave and almost ran into the Red Sox player Mike Lowell talking to one of the store managers. Jaw agape, I knew I could not leave without him signing something. I searched through my Ravelry bag, and found the perfect item. I explained that there were a number of Ravelry fans in the area and if he could just sign this one thing, it would be so cool — even if it was just a knitting tee shirt.
Mike Lowell getting a tourpaddingMike on the right, who's on the left?paddingIt's Dustin Pedroia!!paddingThe crazy Red Sox crowd
Finally, the photo session finished, it really was time to go home. I walked through the line of Apple Team members and out the door. What a fun night! =:8
The tee-shirt gauntletpaddingOne last look into the Biggest Store

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