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Representing a Rockstar (Part 1 Details)

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Before talking about THE DAY KNITTERS OVERTOOK NYC, I drop down on my knees and ask forgiveness for not posting any adorable adoptable bunny photos yet. I searched my bags and realized I left the card reader and the camera at home. Sorry! I do have one photo of Caesar begging for food. I am tempted to turn it into a button or icon. I think it is THAT cute! Also, I give you a nice Saturday morning Sky in Stamford, CT. It is not as cute and cuddly, but it will have to do.

Thursday proved to be a rough early morning for us, but Guido and I made the 5:41 express from Stamford to Grand Central. An hour later than desired, we hoped to get to the Today Show on time. After settling my now “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed” self to pipe down a notch, Guido quietly and quickly began knitting up something in garter stitch to be seen on the show. Continuing to stand, he churned the thick variegated yarn on large needles into a pretty garter-stitch scarf. I opted to stay seated and began writing this post. Well okay, I slept a little during the 45 minute train ride, but this much was written.

With not enough time to drop off the goodie bags for Stephanie and Jayme, Guido and I trudged over to Rockefeller Center. We saw that no one was around the fenced in area and became elated. Asking one of the NBC workers where we had to go to get in, he pointed down to a street corner. Our happiness was smashed to bits when we saw the HUGE line that seemed to never end. Luckily for us, while we were walking towards the back of the line, we met up with Kathy Gormley (the hats coordinator) and Chris Morgan from Woolybuns. For those who have seen our little stint, Chris was the one who had the “Harlot’s Horde” poster next to our banner. The four of us were able to get in a find a spot. Other knitters — Dale, Marni, Jenn, Pam, and Deborah — soon joined us in the fun.

Coming up in the next post — Whole Foods and maybe Strawberry Fields (if I am not tired!) =:8
Edit: Like my new look? It was time for a change. After all, it IS spring!

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  1. yea!!! pictures and stories. more, more, more!

    love the dancing bunny you added to your blog address. Aren’t you the coolio knitting blogger!

  2. Dancy favicon! Cute!
    That Stamford sky picture was taken WAY after 5:41, wasn’t it?

    I’m really jealous, and wish I could have gone. 🙂

  3. OMG…how cute is that bunny!?! That is just about the most kissable bunny face ever…yes, I love all animals, that’s true; but, he is still so freakin’ cute! If I didn’t have big dogs that could unintentionally hurt the little guy, I would adopt him…

  4. OMG the bunny is freekin’ adorable! Guido has such a contemplative look on his face… like he’s thinking “What will I say to Al Roker?” 😉

  5. Love the new look!!! The color is gorgeous (as is that darling bunny!).

    And love hearing about Representing! Can’t wait to hear more!

  6. I love the new blog look. Caesar is adorable and I better not let Peaches see his photo in case she falls in love and wants to move in with you. 🙂

  7. Yes, I love the new look! I especially love those stretched out bunnies for your WIPs. Hilarious. You will appreciate this: we went to the local animal shelter this weekend and Little Man loved the bunnies. Probably because the bunny room was so much quieter than the crazy dog room. Perhaps he’s a bunny lover in training?

  8. I just listened to you on Guido’s most recent podcast. Awesome, sounds like you had a great time. Wish I were there.

  9. i was listening to the podcast on my way to work this morning, and i just want to thank you for first sullying and then redeeming my reputation! it was so great to meet you, and i promise all i was trying to do was spare you from some of the foot-aching you’re experiencing. and if i managed to get some yarn out of it…how would that hurt?
    let me know next time you’re in the city, and we can hang out again!

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