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Work before Representing

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I know that I owe a LOT of tales for the happenings this week. It seems like yesterday I was asking Guido what he thought of us going on the Today Show with a banner about knitting. It seems like this morning he contacted me about WEBS sponsoring the banner. Now it seems like the adventure of “Knitters Overtaking NYC to Represent” was just a dream during my much-needed afternoon nap today.

To start off the week, I worked from home because I had a meeting up in Boston for the Knit-out and Crochet’s Board Meeting. We discussed certain items like finding a new president (Lucy formally stepped down and is giving the tiara back), pinpointing the date (avoiding religious holidays), and getting someone to be in charge of the permits (Sue stepped down as coordinator). With my time invested more towards work and other KALs, I felt it best that accepting a bigger task of responsibility would not be fair to the BKOAC so naturally I had to decline. Patience is currently acting president; we hope she will be wearing the tiara during the Knit-out this September on the 30th. If needed, I will stand in for Erin and become the webmistress. But please do not tell the BKOAC Committee that YET. 😉

Tuesday my PetSmart socialize-the-bunnies-night was back in full swing. Because of the camera incident with Julius (for those who do not know, this bunny literally TOSSED a compact 8MP camera off the couch because he was annoyed its strap was under his feet) I had to go back to my old 4MP camera. I really have become spoiled. I found that the weight of the camera seemed heavier than before. Now after all the chaos this week, if I can locate the camera, I will have some really endearing photos.

Wednesday around 9AM-EDT, Guido called to tell me that the banner was in one word, “AWESOME” though I think “GORGEOUS” could have been it too. I was in my second conference call for the day and noting he left a voicemail, it distracted me from my team meeting. Later, hearing the excitement in his voice made the anticipation of the Today Show increase my heart rate just a bit. Questions flooded my mind like: “Will Al Roker come up to us?” “If Al comes to us, what will we say?” “Will anyone we know watch us on television?” “Will those seeing us finally realize how crazy about knitting we are?” “Will Stephanie and her team think we are Representing?” The words droned on and on in my head.

The adrenaline did some good. I was able to convince the team that a large project to be released early on account of my being out Thursday and Friday. That sprint was one of the fastest I have ever done on such a large scale. The whole time I kept thinking, “WWDD?” and “WWSP-MD?” I think both Dolores and Stephanie would be proud. For tomorrow, I will have the details of the itinerary, which surprisingly we followed quite closely. Meanwhile, be sure to check out my photos on flickr and help contribute to the Represent Pool! =:8

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  1. Great pictures! I did see you guys on TV. Roker never came to talk to you! I was so disappointed! He spent all his time on some stupid toddler with a rubber wig on. Augh!

  2. I got a glimpse of you guys on the Today Show – scared the hell out of the dog because I yelled, “HEY! I know them!!!” ;o)

  3. Sounds like a great time! I would have loved to be there…can’t wait to read about the rest of the trip.

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