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“Just Throw”

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To those folks who have not figured it out yet, I have many interests that run the gamut in sports, hobbies, technology, food, and drink. In the last six months I have been more determined to have no regrets because I want to try all that I can even if doing so causes pain. A few recent events have happened, and each offers its own lesson.

  • Getting back in the saddle has more meaning now than falling off the mechanical bull I rode with @ShepherdSusie. I have started back into yoga and aim to lose the weight I gained since moving here plus the ten pounds required by my diabetes. I am also doing all I can to overcome sudden financial barriers that have appeared to blindside me. At least my new career has developed into a dream job that I absolutely love, and that I am grateful.
  • Folks whom I had thought are friends were never ones in the first place. I now am surrounding myself with people who are worthy of my trust. These local friends and acquaintances are fellow professionals that I cherish in my private circle with my fiber arts pals, bunny-loving friends, technology fans, social media cronies, and fellow sports mates throughout the world.
  • Seeing death calmly and peacefully does not allow the emotional and mental anguish to pour out. The passive cuts are slowly bleeding my soul. I am addressing each one in my own way — nurturing and repairing constantly. Each healed piece fills the jigsaw puzzle of my normally “hoppy” self. In time what I feel inside will match the energetic smile I always share in public.

Recently to lift up my spirits I have been alternating “The Princess Bride” with “For Love of the Game” (another one of my favorite movies). Kevin Costner is the starring lead as the MLB Detroit player Billy Chapel who is pitching against the New York Yankees. During his game, he shows the same drive and selfishness that I require of myself to achieve my goals. In my favorite scene, it is towards the end when Billy feels that he cannot continue with the game, his catcher replies:

    “Chappy, you just throw whatever you got — whatever’s left. The Boys are all here for you. We’ll back you up; we’ll be there. ‘Cause Billy, we don’t stink right now. We’re the best team in baseball right now right this minute because of you. You’re the reason. We’re not going to screw that up. We’re going to be AWESOME for you right now.
    Just THROW.

Still on the edge between failure and heroics, Billy Chapel pitches poorly in the inning. He notices that his manager has begun warming up the bullpen and gets antsy. He then hears his father’s words in his head:

    “Billy… Billy, you can do it. Just calm down. Throw the ball to the glove.
    Just play catch.”

Whenever I am feeling down, I recall this scene. The two words “Just throw” could be applied in so many ways. “Throwing” is a technique in both knitting and crocheting. “Throws” are also known as blankets or shawls. Marketing and public relations speakers “throw” out pitches and ideas. Weekly I “throw” darts at a board with my awesome Blacksburg Area Darts team, Perfectly Awful. My goal this spring is either to find a team to play softball or to play rugby (lots of throwing there!). I constantly am “throwing” out my thoughts and feelings on Twitter, Facebook, and Plurk. It is when I step back, think, and not “Just throw” but also “Just play catch” that I finally relax. =:8

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  1. I am really pleased to see how you are handling things. I really think everything is going to work out great and you’re going to emerge a diamond. 🙂

  2. I enjoy reading your insightful thoughts. I started yoga classes about a year ago and found that really helps clear my mind as well as tone my body. Best of luck . . .

  3. You are such an inspirational and thoughtful person Kim … in more ways than you may realize. I only wish we lived a bit closer (we are about 3 hours away from one another) … because I do consider you to be a friend.

  4. I’m glad things are picking up for you and that you’re enjoying your dream job 🙂
    Good luck with the financial barriers and I hear you totally about the friends bit, it’s so strange when you discover the truth.
    Many many hugs to you Kimberly!

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