Knitters in the Kitchen – Knit Talk 2011/08/16

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I have had many opportunities to hang out at various friends’ kitchens to chit chat about life, nosh on favorite bites, or work on WIPs. I managed to snap a few photographs of these kitchens. Though I really wish I photographed being in both Tanya Brooks‘ (aka The Indigo Muse) and Susan Gibbs‘ wonderful homes…

Susan Gibbs of Juniper Moon Farms relaxing in her jammies:
Susan Gibbs of Juniper Moon Farms

Melissa Morgan-Oakes (who has sold out classes at STITCHES East this year) showing off the brilliant pot rack that I love:
Melissa Morgan-Oakes

Myself having breakfast in Kristin Nicholas‘ (another teacher at STITCHES East!) dining room:
SomeBunnysLove at Kristin Nicholas' kitchen

Tomorrow I will be in Merike Saarnit‘s kitchen, feasting on what I hope will be dishes from her beloved Estonia. I have taken classes of hers, and thoroughly enjoyed them (she has 3 classes that haven’t sold out yet!). After seeing photographs of her home, I am looking forward to her hospitality.

For Thursday, guess where I’ll be? Here’s a hint: She is teaching at STITCHES East ETC. 2011 and has a book called “Magnificent Mittens and Socks” which is currently a hot ticket item.
Anna Zilboorg preparing a meal

Now for Friday, I will be meeting up with friends from Blacksburg, VA before heading over to the Bedford, VA area. And Saturday is a big day. My friend Ann McCauley will be giving a class and trunk show. Here are the details straight from Ravelry:

“Ann will be teaching a 5-hour class here in Bedford on Aug. 20, 2011 beginning at 10 a.m. at The Bower Center..right downtown. She will start at 10 with an hour intro class followed by a 2 hour Sweater Skills and we will break for lunch from 1-2..perfectly fine to brown bag and we’ll provide water and some snacks also..back at class at 2 with Tempting Textures until 4..from 4-5 she will answer questions and sign books if interested.

The cost is $50..We are only accepting a max of 25 people..pref. 20 but if there are 5 people dying to get in..Ann says ok..Ann will provide us with a list of supplies needed later but I suspect a notebook, pen and maybe a swatch or 2 would be all. I hope you can make it and we would surely love to have you. We have 10 folks already signed up and I know a few are out of town that likely want in..if you are interested, just let me know..you may submit a check to me and you’ll be in. Feel free to share this with any friends in Roanoke that I may have missed.

It will be strictly a learning class, no fundraiser..and it is an extremely low price for a person such as Ann..She wanted to do this for The Bedford Knitters and our friends.”

After seeing all these photos and reading about my plans, you can bet I’m a wee bit excited about this week. But I have some special news. It involves a gifted lace knitter who draws some amazing cartoons. You might have heard of him — Franklin Habit of The Panopticon. Next week when I land in O’Hare for STITCHES Midwest, I will be shuttled to the hotel to check in and drop off my things, then grabbing the company’s rental truck for Franklin’s place. What Dolores, Harry and he have planned for me when I get there, I have no idea. I do know one thing… I am going to host a Google+ Hangout with Franklin in his kitchen. (words slowly sink into brain…)

What is a Google+ Hangout? It is where folks who are on Google+ and have webcameras connect together for one big party of a dozen. Recently I had a fun Hangout with the lovely Traci Vespol and Annie Modesitt in which we caught up on lots of fun chatter. Most of the Hangouts I host are virtual knitting groups that spontaneously appear. Can you imagine never having to leave the house when you are sick for your knitting night? A Hangout makes it possible!

Franklin at the STITCHES Midwest 2010 Pajama Party

So if you want a chance at being one of the 12 slots, but do not have an invitation into Google+ yet, I have you covered. Here is the link for a Google Plus invitation from me. And if you want to be a part of the fun next Tuesday on the 23rd, post a comment here, or message me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Ravelry. Franklin and I are definitely excited to be seeing you at 7PM sharp. We may even have something whipped up in the kitchen for you!!

Bunny hugs for now,
Kimberly =:8

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