Potential Big Loser Gets a Motivating Package

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First and foremost, “Happy Veteran’s Day” to those who have fought for our country. Not only do these women and men give their lives for us, but also their families. Hugs and thanks for the families left behind. Being an ex-Navy brat made me a stronger and independent person. I remember when my Daddy was away, it was up to my Mother to take care of us. Her strength gave my sister and I the backbone that we have today for taking on the world and refusing to accept what is handed to us. Now on to the post…

Ha! The title is probably not what you are thinking. Though if you need to lose a bunch of “ahem” THINGS (stash and pounds quickly come to mind), then maybe you are on the same wavelength as my little brain. Yesterday I was home sick from work with a nasty bug that hit me. I want to blame Zydeco inbetween our sneezing fits, but that would not be nice. After a few hours of sleep, I awoke to my hands wanting to be active, so I FINALLY finished that partner for the Lacey Worsted Weight pattern in the Mystery Sock KAL I joined. Well, okay, I have to undo the safety knots and weave in the ends, but at least the knitting portion is DONE DONE DONE! (Imagine me seated on the couch with my favorite multi-color afghan wrapped around me while I attempt to wave my arms in a happy dance.) For your pleasure, here are all 3 socks — the first with the bad beginning cuff which will be frogged and turned into something else, and the proper pair which will go to my beloved sister, Ace.

The other items which gave cause for celebration consist of a recent eBay find of cotton-acrylic yarn and another shawl pattern purchase. The blended yarn is 5 skeins of Pingouin Corrida No 3 in a cantaloupe/tangerine shade of light orange. Besides socks, I would like to knit up Crystal Palace’s Bunny Hop Side Wrap Kimono with another dark tangerine yarn, Skacel’s Evita in colorway 07. The shawl pattern is the “Heere Be Dragone Shawl” designed by the incredible Sharon Winsauer of Aurora Alpacas in Wisconsin. I bought the pattern as an early birthday present for myself, and will probably take a full year to complete it due to the amount of WIPs (fiber-related and work/family) I have on my plate. I already have joined the Dragon KAL so I can read tips and tricks on the shawl, and check out Kate’s almost finished shawl being blocked. It is GOR-GEOUS!

Now here is the best part of yesterday. Besides the padded envelope of Pingouin yarn, I saw a box stuffed with rest of the mail. How the postman managed to fit everything in there, I have no idea. A quick note: my ottoman is no longer organized and tidy. Either the ottoman exploded knitterly things, or the bunnies played a joke on me while I was asleep. 😉 Please excuse the first shot. I had begun opening up the box before I realized that I needed action photos.

My SP9 Spoiler had been teasing me with emails about Rhinebeck. The teasing had my curiousity going too. Since she also is a lace knitter, I was looking forward to seeing what will be sent. I was not disappointed. The package is well-thought out and fitting. 🙂

Inside the orange paper was this beautiful cake of 55% angora and 45% silk cobweb yarn. Throughout the package’s photo session I found myself constantly picking it up and holding its softness against my cheek. My Spoiler said since it was 1540 yards, she had wound it for me. I am very appreciative of that gesture, thank you very much! I am looking forward to using this sweet cake for a delicate shawl that truly matches its softness and strength.

So what is a package without goodies? Especially when a tape measure and knitterly things are involved? I definitely will be using the card/scrapbooking bits and that tape measure? It is quite fitting since the company that bought mine is based outside Paris. How neat is that? But you have to really love the mints with the knitting girl on the lid. Flipping it over, I saw the flavor. Green Apple — Very cool!! And to see the info of them mints, just click on the above photo. I want to make sure you all see it too. 😉 The drum roll please…

I present to you the very informative book, Gossamer Webs on Orenburg Lace Shawls. It discusses in great detail the history and techniques of this wonderful art from the strong women in Russia. For hundreds of years, these women knitted up these shawls, and for decades, it was their only source of income. If you click on the book’s photograph, you will see what my Spoiler did. Is she not awesome!! Thanks SP9 Pal. This package is soooo cool!! =:8

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  1. What an awesome package . . . sounds like it came at the perfect time too. I hope the bug has passed and you are feeling much better.

  2. What a nice spoiler you have! Those are beautiful socks, that is my goal this winter to learn to knit them! Lay that angora on the face once again for me, too!

  3. Thanks for your note, everyone!! You have been knitting up a storm! My Bunny Mommy doesn’t know how to knit but I might make her learn because all those goodies look furry soft and fun to hop on.

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