Socks and Bunnies on the Brain

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First and foremost, “Happy Birthday D!” Dorothy is celebrating a big day today, and I want her to know how much we all love and admire her. I cannot go into too much detail about her life, but she survived years of an abusive marriage and kicked the “B” word out of her life long ago. She has raised their 3 children by herself without assistance and I admire her greatly for that. She is now going out and getting what she wants and deserves in her life. Big birthday hugs go out to Dorothy. I am still working on your birthday shawl, but trust me, it is GORGEOUS!! 🙂

To those interested, for last Saturday night’s event, I ended up taking my lacey worsted weight sock and the LL Aslan hanks to ball up for Cookie’s well-known pattern, Pomatomus, the same hanks that Keohinani had given me awhile ago. Distracted by the football game I managed to cast on for that lacey sock and knitted about 4 rows. When we arrived home, I continued past the 6 rows of K1xP1 ribbing listed in my notes and finished one repeat. That was when I noticed the ribbing looked thicker than the partner sock. Immediately I grabbed the waiting partner and put them side by side. Yup, the newer sock’s ribs had an extra row. AUGH! I should know better than to be knitting so late. Guess I should be relieved that I did not knit up the sock any more than I did either! 🙁

With all the Pomatomi being made in the knitting kingdom, I have one question that keeps bugging me: Has anyone ever knitted a mirrored pair? To explain myself, has anyone taken the lace charts, turned them upside down, and knitted the second sock to mirror the first? If anyone of you has heard of it being done, I would like to know before I attempt it. That would save a lot of grief for a possibly failed experiment.

My sweet “Little Angry Ewok” Zydeco is about as sneezy as Jessica Bunny was when her attacks began. She herself still gags and sneezes, but only when drinking out of the water bottle. I would describe her actions similar to getting water up her nose! We really cannot understand how the hay dust can affect our smaller pair (both are around 4-1/2 pounds each) of bunners, and not cause any reaction to our larger pair. We have been careful to wash our hands inbetween feedings and pettings in case there is some sort of bug. That would be all we need — four rabbits in misery sneezing, wheezing, and gagging out of synch throughout the day and night. My poor fur-kids!! 🙁

While the little bunnies are all sneezy and wheezy, Caesar and Julius are as rambunctious as ever. Julius still likes to tease Jessi through the pen that separates the little pair into their own area. Caesar is living up to his “Greedy Smurf” nickname by constantly eating. He is eternally blissful when there are treats (that includes pellets) and hay within his mouth’s reach. He definitely fits the phrase “live to eat” instead of “eat to live.” We do give him less greens and treats than the others, but still! (Sigh) He’s FAAAAT!

Slightly switching gears, I would like to talk about the holiday season and one of the swaps I am joining, Secret Paws Winter Edition. It is neat to see the different fluffies from around the world exchanging items ($7-10 is the strictly requested range) that the other would like. Admittedly I would prefer my bunnies being matched up with other rabbits, but this time I think we will try “crossing” the animals. Hope some of you will join in the fun! =:8

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  1. Your friend seems like such a cool person! I’m sure she’ll love her Birthday shawl!

    Hope Zydeco feels better soon. That pic of Julius is so cute, the chubbiest bunny ever!

  2. Good for her and a happy birthday to her as well!

    Your bunnies are too cute. I hope the little ones are feeling better soon!

  3. I haven’t tried the Pomatomus. That Aslan will look so nice knit up. I don’t know how I missed your post of Jill’s gift, that bead bunny is adorable. I hope your big bunnies don’t catch whatever the little guys have. I can’t even imagine 4 bunners sneezing ‘n wheezing.

  4. How cute your bunnies!! I love knitting socks too, I guess this is the right season to do it 🙂 I think I’ll steal your button, your bunny is just so nice!!

  5. Boy…look at that fat bun!

    He sure is a cutie though.

    Gretchen was sneezing the other day too. She’s seems to have stopped.

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