Losing One’s Head in Lace

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No, I am not talking about Christopher Lambert’s duel from spouting about a warthog, but I am currently upset with myself for misplacing a couple of items: the postcard for my PS-May partner and my stitch markers. I bought the postcard at a gift shop on the way back from Virginia. I thought it was amusing because the photographed shade of green seemed a bit surreal. Now, I will be creating one from scratch which will force me to (gasp!) be creative. 😉

The stitch markers (from Barbara and Keohinani) are a totally different story. I have taken apart my knitting area, searched the couch, my knitting chair and ottoman, emptied out every recently used project bag, and still no sign of the little red pouch that Jill sent me. Each time I think about the lost pouch, I remember Jill’s dilemma when she lost her needle case, and my stomach starts to knot. I am so upset and have to keep telling myself that the pouch IS in the house, I just need to remember where I put it. As of this moment, I only have one of my bunny stitch markers in a sweater I am making for Anna’s newborn daughter, Lillian Celeste. To get an idea of my search through the yarn stash area, here are a couple of photos.

The only good news about the whole search party bit is that I was reminded just how much yarn I had. Even though I have knitted squares, washcloths, 3-3/4 baby sweaters (still working on seaming that rainbow kimono) and Gabby’s shrug, it seems no dent has been made in my stash pile! While rummaging through the cubbies I re-discovered all sorts of fiber treasures. This reminder helped me decide to share my stash with others, particularly my SP8. Since my SP8 is a very new (as in just-started-this-year new) knitter and wants to make items with one skein, I am sending my SP8 2 of all kinds of yarn. Why a pair of each type? So my SP8 can make 2 of each project, one to gift away, and the other to keep for herself. My SP8 is getting cotton (Scilla and Sugar’n’Cream), mohair (Filaro and Odessa), wool (Galway, Mission Falls, and Lamb’s Pride), blends (Trinity and Feelings) and even some acrylic (LB Chenille). The best part about these yarns? They all have a shade of green in them! How’s THAT for May’s Project Spectrum in Stashalong style? Correct me if I counted wrong, but that is 20 more balls/skeins of yarn I removed from my stash! 😉

Now for a piece of good news… My sock bag from Trek arrived in the awesomely hot chilli peppers fabric, and already I have a ball of Regia Stretch Color and my 2 pairs of US-01 Addis in it. Feel free to bug trade with Trek to make one for you! Here is a shot of the sock sack’s arrival. Please click on the picture for the sack’s “in use” view. Notice the green ribbon? That is the same color of fabric lining the bag. Gorgeous, huh?

The last announcement is that I received an envelope in the mail yesterday. The much anticipated Diamond Fantasy Shawl pattern by Sivia Harding has arrived. I will be following either this pattern, Shirley Paden’s Lace-up Camisole in Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2005, or another in my stack of archives for The Amazing Lace KAL. Of course, because of the rules in this KAL, I will have another blog entry section dedicated on my newly acquired teammates, complete with photography and interviews.

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  1. Oh my, that is some serious stash! Hope you find everything, or at least find some treasures while the hunt goes on!

  2. So, for your gifts for SP8, would you prefer non-yarn items? Because your stash puts mine to SHAME. (Really. I’m debating showing my husband the pictures and telling him he has no right to complain about my stash ;))

  3. Your secret pal is one lucky dog! Hope you find that pouch with the stitch markers. Have you tried looking between the cushions on the couch? That is usually where I find a missing needle or two.

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