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Ahhh Sunday… More Ketchup to Do

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I woke up this morning determined to get some stuff done. Well I did, sort of. Now that I have only 3 days left, I decided to take advantage of the cool fall day and make a tall cup of hot sweet cocoa (Ghiradelli, YUM!) and a nice big pot of chicken soup. I am going to watch football and relax for a bit. It IS Sunday, ya know. :Þ

My list of accomplishments during the break so far:
Lisa’s 1st present finished (yeah!), 2nd may not be on time
Took Rich’s parents out for dinner (Luv Bugaboo’s steaks)
Cathy’s present (hanks balled and the 1st 1/3 has been done)
Updated the website (added a few items, tweaked a few things — well, okay/okay/okay LOTS of things… added buttons, updated the Sports Page, uploaded pix)
Emailed those I have been meaning to answer
Photographed FPs: Lisa’s 1st present, 2 triangle shawls, and 1 blanket
–> Oh, and inbetween the photo-shoot of the FPs, Zydeco was looking so cute, I had to stop and take pictures of him too. His Ewok cuteness beckons you to pick him up and cuddle with his soft fur. Basically, he reminds me of a calico chinchilla. Mind you, Zy is the perfect example of a nervous high-strung rabbit. I.E., don’t even try to grab him; he is slippery as an eel and extremely fast.


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  1. Thanks for stopping by! I totally enjoy being groomed by Syd, even though he eats his poop (yeagh). From what I’ve read, bunnies do take their time getting comfortable and building trust in their humans, so I guess I’m doing quite well, after all.

    I haven’t posted about it yet, but today it dawned on me that I may have a deaf rabbit. I’m still researching this, much to the cats’ dismay, and so far the biggest reaction I’ve gotten from Syd is sort of a, “Huh? Did you hear something?” when I whistled like a smoke alarm through my fingers.

    When I was fixing my smoothie for breakfast this morning, Syd came downstairs, so I threw some veggies down for him. He didn’t even look up when I ran the blender or the garbage disposal. The disposal I turned on 3-4 times just to make sure…and nothing. Meanwhile, the cats were in the other room complaining of bleeding ears and bitching up a storm.

    So I guess I’ll start going easy on him for not listening when I yell at him to stop chewing the damn tarp.

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