Shopping during Lunch

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Actually, I did not buy anything, but I did set up a spring shopping trip for Wrentham’s Premier Outlets this upcoming Sunday. What started the idea was that I need to slim down a bit before seeing my family at the end of this month, and noticed my running shoes were (gasp) the same ones I bought when I played rugby. To comprehend the huge amount of time that has past, the shoes are about 12 years-old. The lack of tread and floppy seams show that I definitely have worn them out. My “Rhode Island mom” Auntie Zenaida had told me about the pair she bought at the Outlets for only $15. Yes, you read that correctly, $15 US Dollars! The reason why? They were LAST year’s model. It is crazy how fashion prices can be fickle.

Anyway, we will be meeting at the Panera Bread in East Greenwich beforehand at 10AM, and either Heidi or I will be driving. We hope to have lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s and not stay out too late. The best deal would be not to spend too much money either! 😉

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