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After having some warm days filled with sunshine, Rhode Island has become cold and chilly. We even had snow flurries in the northern section of the state this morning! Luckily where I live and work it was just rain and wind, but the air still had that “snow is around the corner” feel. I wish someone upstairs could please remember that April is supposed to have warmer weather. I am glad that at least some of my bulbs have flowered with more to come. Notice all the yellow daffodils? I think they are saluting Lolly from Project Spectrum. The weather is still ugly.

With all the greyness around me today, I had this urge to knit at work. Usually I do so during lunch, but today I only had baby Andrea’s sweater to seam. Looking for anything to distract me from having to sew up the WIP, I figured I better get something to eat. When I opened my food stash drawer (soup packets, boxes of tea, wrapped candy etc.), I realized that I had the perfect Project Spectrum office photo models along with my Vickie’s Vanilla lotion. Is this photo a sign I am going PS-Crazy? And can you tell that I like most things yellow and tangerine?

On another knitting note, I am slowly getting Simon’s Christening sweater together. I just need to knit the second sleeve and the two button plackets. I did take a few photos tonight, but the flash washed out EVERYTHING. Instead I leave you a process shot when I finished the hood and back. I am kind of dreading the sewing portion, but I know it has to get done. Plus I have the other bath set I need to finish for a special someone who is due to arrive…

While driving home, I returned my sister’s phone call. She had fantastic news about our girlfriend Anita. Anita’s due date for her greatly anticipated first-born child is the fifteenth, but Aidan Michael decided to pop out ten days early! Woo-hoo for mom and son! They are doing great, and I absolutely know that Michael, her husband, is on cloud nine. I am so happy for them. Now I can barely wait to go back home!! I do hope they also like Aidan’s bath set. The reason I have not shown any pictures of it is because Anita does visit this site, and I really want it to be a surprise. Sorry folks!

The weather was still heavy and grey when I came home after grocery shopping. All that was on my mind was making that test batch of chilli, getting dinner made, and blogging while watching some baseball. Okay, maybe I wanted to get some knitting done too, but since I crashed at 8PM last night and did not get out of bed until 6:30AM today, I really wanted to get some stuff done. Anyway, I received a very nice surprise in the mail from Joanne.

I met Joanne (BIG wave “Hello!”) and her daughter at the Boston KnitOut and Crochet this past Fall. I was sitting at the Bloggers table when they stopped by. Turns out that a pattern from a yarn label was not being that descriptive, and it WAS pretty confusing. Anyway I helped to decipher it, and after a nice chat, they went along their way. When the drawings were held for door prizes, she had won some yarn and had decided to send it to me along with some patterns. Did you notice the card? My guess is that Joanne photographed the flowers herself. Can you say Project Spectrum, Massachusetts style? 🙂

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  1. I’m in the knit-for-baby mode as well. It seems everyone is having babies right now. Congrats to your sister’s girlfriend.
    Looks like you got some great loot! Lucky you. :o)

  2. how cool! i love knitting for babies! so gratifying…and daffodils? i love those. i remember one of the first lotion scents i ever got was one called “daffodil fields” from bath and body works. unfortunately, that was only a seasonal (read: temporary) scent. it’s junky that even victoria’s secret discontinued a couple of my favorite smells, too (secret crush, pretty in pink). oh well. as long as they keep up with the strawberries & champagne, i’ll live. what was i talking about? oh yes, stuff. sorry about the tangent.
    but lucky you! look at all that swag! can’t wait to see what you do with it.
    have a great weekend!

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