A Bunny Funny and Cool News

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I have been busy the past couple of days, and that includes my workload which I will not bore you on such detail. Hmm… Where to begin? I guess the easiest would be to go in order of events. Doing so would be the logical thing to do…

Late yesterday afternoon, we had Livia’s and Caesar’s bunny check ups at Big River Veterinary. Because I recently noticed that Livia may actually be male, and because rabbit parts are not exactly easy to distinguish, I asked if Dr. Cheng and crew would be so kind to confirm my suspicions. I admit it was funny when the vet and 2 techs had to hold down the wimpering Livia in order to perform the check up. That bunny is just over 6 pounds, but can pack a lot, and I mean a LOT, of wallop from kicking its hind legs. I know because I have to trim all the rabbits’ nails, and that particular bunny can KICK! Both rabbits are fine, and we now have a pair of BOYS to complement our mixed pair of Jessi and Zydeco.

Of course, when we were told Livia is a boy instead of a girl, Rich and I both shook our heads and agreed that we should have named him Julia so changing to Julius would not be an issue. Though since the vet’s office, I am using the same inflection of “Livia” for “Julius” and the rascal still is answering. Occasionally I catch myself saying “Julian” instead. The only time I have ever heard that name was in some V.C. Andrews book that I read about twenty years ago. And please do not ask; I have not a clue which book it is either… 😉

Later that evening, I spoke with Anita to congratulate Michael and her on Aidan’s arrival. Because they were so exhausted, I cut my call short and said I would check on them today after work. And when I touched base with her after getting home, she had a surprise for me to check out, and with her express permission, I present Master Aidan Michael to you. He is absolutely ADORABLE! I am looking forward to holding him when I go back home in 3 weeks.

For my last cool news tidbit, today was the 1st Chili Cookoff in my Software Department. Curious on making homemade chili, I decided to take a chance and enter. There were a total of 9 entries (4 people had either changed their minds or forgot to make their batches), and the 2 prizes awarded were for Best and Hottest. Surprisingly, I received 6 votes for the Best category which put me in 3rd place. How awesome is that? =:8

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  1. That is a cute baby! So funny about your bunnies-my son had pet mice and when one had 17 babies, I put them in a pie plate and stared at their bottoms trying to separate boys and girls so I didn’t have population explosion. BTW, I finally got your package mailed:)

  2. Poor Livia/Julius. . . Will he need years of therapy to overcome being a girl for a month? Love the name Julian! That was Richard Gere’s name in American Gigalo. Can’t argue with that.

    Great baby photo.

    Must dash! Have a morning class with SALLY MELVILLE!!!!!!!!!

  3. Between the bunnies and that baby . . . your blog is FULL of cuteness today! Congrats on your chili . . . . third place on your first batch is quite impressive.

  4. I had a laugh at the “boy” bunny. Congrats on the Chilli. One of the best things I make is a green chilli. My husband says it looks like a science project!

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