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Finding Time to Spare

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“Hola” my friends. Offered to all is a gratuitous bunny photo of Zydeco spooning Jessica Bunny. Feels like it has been forever since I last wrote. Granted, I have been busying away on projects on both personal and work levels. I still have no reason to neglect everyone. While home, besides my parents and Ace’s family, I saw my other in-law’s — Lew’s family. We all met a couple of times for DN’s First Communion dinner at the China Star and for a Mother’s Day breakfeast (NOT a typo). For the breakfeast, Ace served bacon, sausages, mini wheat bagels, scrambled eggs, and her fabulous crepes with her fresh berry compote topped with beaten cream. Assuredly, the feast was completed with ample amounts of coffee, tea, and assorted juices. I think that is everything. Later Ma and Pop had us over for a turkey dinner fit for a Thanksgiving supper. I ingested so much food, running is being written into my spare time instead of knitting — after I finish my current WIPs, of course. How about I start off the photo session with a Saturday Sky from Mother’s Day weekend and a row of roses? Be sure to click on the Saturday Sky for my “Tie One On” FO. Details on that project will be written later.

A trip back home to Virginia Beach is never a trip without visits to the Oceanfront and Bobbie Reich‘s always incredible LYS, Ewe Knit Kits. See what I bought? Are they not the most awesome find for me? Before I jumped on the plane, I wanted to see which LYS would have the Addi Lace needles. Sure enough, my favorite LYS had them, and I was able to snatch some from their hanging hooks! The Jaggerspun’s Zephyr in Apricot and Lorna’s Laces’ Shepherd Sock in Motherlode had been begging to be picked up. Obviously I obliged to their calls. Add my mother’s and sister’s goodies for me, I say I made out. 🙂

Though my plane rides to home and back to Rhode Island were far from ideal, the results were badly needed. The Virginia Tech Massacre had clouded my mind (one reason I have not been blogging), and I have been sorting myself out with lots of knitting and stash enhancements. Besides working at my job to help clean up my mental sense, I started on ignored UFOs and WIPs that I have been meaning to do. My Bloglines list is also getting tidied because my work projects will not allow the reading/commenting of over 300 blogs during lunchtime anymore. So far, the Bloglines list is down to 275; still need at least another 50 to remove before I have control again. I really dislike picking and choosing whose blogs that I read. 🙁 At least I have my Hokie Hope squares (now up to 7) to distract me. I will be sending them off tomorrow to make sure they arrive on time by May 31st. Meanwhile, the “Knitting for Virginia Tech” blog is asking for hand-made items for the Fall 2007 school session. Hope to have something for them soon too.

There were a couple of things waiting for me when I came back to Rhode Island. I had asked Nana Sadie Rose to make me a custom Posy Sock Sack. She kindly obliged, and the results are spectacular. She also surprised me with a Virginia Tech checkbook she made. I am so happy that my DPN case from Barbara and the Posy Sock Sack match. In fact, I love the bag so much, I am using it as a purse. 🙂 My Sockapalooza pal, not to be outdone in this swap, sent me an awesome SNB journal. Now I can chart off my Virginia Tech scarves easily and quickly.

This week, I dropped by Gina’s LYS in Wakefield, Knit One Purl Too. I found more J-Knits yarn, this time the Superwash Sock in two colorways. I scooped up Providence and one other which name I will not say because it is for my Secret Pal Spoilee’s last package. Along with the yarn, I could not resist these bunny needles. Adorable to a tee, I think.

My last bit is on a couple of swaps and WIPs trying to be come FOs. I have been getting a number of items lately in trade for what is in my stash. With the stash enhancement experiences WIPs are growing like weeds. I will explain them in more detail. The Fetchings are obvious, the stranded square is part of a secret project. =:8

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  1. Darn work always gets in the way of crafting and blogging! Guess it’s a necessary to fund our habits. That is so cool that the bag matches your needle roll!

  2. Wow, you’ve been a busy bunny ;o) Btw. thank you SOOOO much for your input on gun ownership, it really helped me when writing my essay. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had the chance to thank you…but here it is…THANK YOU :o)

    Hugs from a sunny Copenhagen,

  3. The “Tie One On” is gorgeous!!

    You’ve been incredibly busy. I feel tired just reading about it all 😉

    And those bunny needles are darling!

  4. Tie One On is beautiful and I’m looking forward to the details!
    300 blog feeds??? I am easily overwhelmed and keep mine to about 25.

  5. Glad you had a nice trip. Tie one on is beautiful!

    Love the sock sack and the color of the sock yarn is gorgeous. How cute are those bunny needles!

  6. all the purty pictures, I don’t know where to start 🙂

    the blue yarn (pictured with the adorable bunny needles) is very gorgeous!

    Ewe Knit Kits was the first “Real” LYS I went in (the one here is mediocre). I’m planning another trip to visit my aunt in Norfolk and darn we may just have to go back! Esp since she wants socks…

  7. So good to see you back =D and glad you’re doing much much better. AND you seem super busy too. Good luck with everything!

    Love the bunny pic. So cute.

  8. Whee! Love seeing that Posy Sock Sack, and glad you’re pleased with it! As I told you privately, I can’t SELL licensed VA Tech Stuff, but there’s no reason I can’t send a gift to a friend.

  9. I know exactly what you mean, I’ve had to go through and weed out bloglines every now and then. It just gets to be too much.

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