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“Don’t Worry, Baby”

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Many thanks to everybunny who has been sending all the well wishes and good vibrations. The classic Beach Boys song in the title has been ringing in my head since Friday, and I welcome it. In following up on why I am not attending the Boston Job Fair, I realized that the companies I wanted to see were going to be in Dulles, VA, and not Boston. Hmmm… I see a road trip in my future! 🙂

Lately there has been a Meme going around Facebook, and I was tagged by a few folks. I decided to participate and post the results here on da’ blog. If anybunny feels like writing up his/her 25 things, feel free to link me up. =:8
Rules in Facebook:
Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.
(To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)

      01. I grew up watching television mysteries, thanks to my mother — Quincy, Barnaby Jones, Ironside, Charlie’s Angels… We watched it. 🙂
      02. My favorite television cartoons are Scooby Doo Mysteries and Johnny Quest — I give them full credit for keeping me young.
      03. I watch “Murder, She Wrote” almost every weeknight — I love JB’s observational skills and how she uses them to catch the murderers.
      04. I still own my first car, a 1970 Ford Fastback. It popped out of Dearborn 3 months after I was born. One of my lifetime goals is to restore my baby back to nearly new for street driving.
      05. I still sleep with my giant Paddington Bear, Skipper — a Christmas gift from my sister.
      06. I learned to surf during the summer of my junior year in high school — I became addicted and constantly sought for that “high” when dropping in on a wave for years.
      07. Surfing inspired me to purchase one of the “Apocalypse Now” surfboards (has not happened yet) and also gave me three of my favorite movies: “Big Wednesday” “Endless Summer” and “Gidget”
      08. While in college, I was in the VA Tech Corps of Cadets (VTCC). I went from USAF, to USAA, to Corps only, to dropping out completely.
      09. Thanks to the VTCC, I learned how to spout “Monty Python’s Holy Grail” and “The Princess Bride” word-for-word.
      10. Also, thanks to the VTCC’s seats in Lane Stadium, I became hooked on college football, and have since brought my husband into the fold of NCAA Bowl Games. (GOOOO, HOKIES GO!!)
      11. I can be very ADD to the point that I get overwhelmed and have no idea what I should be doing first — that is why I make lists. (FOCUS!!)
      12. My OCD for perfection can frustrate me if I cannot finish everything of my task in one session or sitting. (IE, do not come near me when I am occupied or I might bite something off.)
      13. My blog posts tend to be long since each generally takes a week for me to write from idea to finish — the Yarn Harlot’s visit to WEBS in May 2008 took months to write.
      14. Like most Filipino kids in my hometown, I studied classical piano and took karate — I stopped after 10 years of the piano, 6 years for the karate.
      15. I am hooked on knitting — the working of the hand/eye coordination, deciphering charts/instructions in multiple languages, finishing the project, and the seeing joy in the recipients’ faces completely enraptured me.
      16. Because of knitting, I am somewhat obsessed with my yarn stash — it is now a nice-sized collection that necessitates an insurance rider.
      17. I am in my second marriage — the first happened a week before I turned 29, and lasted 10 months before I walked out.
      18. Because of my ex-husband, I became hooked on having a warm towel after a shower/bath and bought a standing towel warmer as my “engagement” present for my second wedding.
      19. In Virginia, I played flanker in a local woman’s rugby league for three years before work started taking over my life. I truly do miss playing and the camaraderie. 🙁
      20. I worked four years at one of the largest hospital networks in Virginia — 2 years as an administrative associate on the graveyard shift at the ER and Maternity wards, 2 years as desktop/helpdesk support for information systems.
      21. It does not take much for me to pull close to an “all-nighter” but I will crash at 8AM sharp after staying up for so long — drinking tea and soda just might be a bit of a factor.
      22. I have the following contact lenses colors: sapphire blue, turquoise, honey, and lavender — I wore the sapphire ones as my “something blue” for my second wedding.
      23. I have 3 photographs I keep of my favorite dog in the world, Natasha, my Golden Retriever who left us on April 27th, 2000 — one of us two on the 3rd Street Jetty rocks, one of her and Penelope Lane Bunny, and one of her in an Elizabethan collar on October 31st.
      24. At one point, there were 10 rabbits in the house — our 3 houserabbits plus the 7 that I rescued from a backyard breeder.
      25. Currently there are four houserabbits living at home — all are “fixed” and two of them are a bonded husbund/wife pair.

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  1. Umm (tentatively raising hand) #16? How do you get that? Husband is sure we can’t get insurance to replace FiberThings. Which is why I freaked this summer when a neighbor came over to say they thought the garage was on fire, I started throwing all my storage boxes out the door into the yard!

  2. So sorry about the pink slip, Kim. I have no doubt you will be back at it, again, very soon. Our son played rugby for 6 years-4 in high school (private) and 2 years after that. He was on the National Under 19 Team for awhile, too. Traveled all over playing rugby and loved it. I never did understand all the rules. He was the hooker, if I remember right. You should see his thigh muscles! Please tell me how to get insurance on my stash? DH will love you for it.

  3. Insurance riders – thanks for the reminder, I really do need to catalog our antiques and talk to the boy about whether we want to get a rider for them. You should definitely start playing rugby again. 🙂

  4. We have a rider that covers my scrapbooking “stuff” so I am sure if you have a hobby that requires extra “parts” ( aka: a stash of epic proportions) there is definitely a rider to cover it… Just like artists have one to cover canvas’ and paints…

  5. Sounds like you have a busy mental break time set up. Remember to take a little time to relax.
    I’m sure everything will work out for the best.

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