Some packages before “The Games” begin

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Yeah! I finally photographed the hats and mitaines that I am sending my sister and cousin Raymond. I cannot finish the mistake-rib scarf that matches the Karabella Gossamer and boucle mohair because I ran out of the boucle mohair, and can only get it from Jonne’s shop. The beige (nephew Simon) and lilac (niece Gabby) hats are the same pattern and Sirdar Breeze yarn, but I used a size US-5 36″ circular with one strand, and size US-6 16″ circular with 2 strands. The blue and black (cousin Ray’s son Nick) hat was made with one ball each of Plassard’s Nordique on a size 7.5mm 40cm circular. I hope they like the packages!

Hats and mitaines

The next package going out is some Farmhouse Summer Spin yarn for a someone who is in a much warmer climate than most of us. Trying to see what colors would be good for Barbara’s DNA scarf were a bit difficult, but I am sure she will be delighted with the resulting fabric. I am also including a little something for her because she loves acorns.

My final package is for someone who’s just “gotta knit”. Debbie mentioned needing some brown Lamb’s Pride Worsted to make Fuzzy Feet for her husband. Gee, I know in my stash that I have 3 skeins of the color, so I am sending her some yarn to help out.

Anyone else attempting to complete a project during the Olympic games? I was debating on joining in because I would knit either my Picovoli for the Sexy Knitters Club or my Clapotis. That’s when I discovered the Team Clapotis, so my goal is to finish the Clapotis first, and THEN the Picovoli if I have enough time. Yes, I am crazy…  =:8

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