A Yarn-filled Weekend of Fun!

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This weekend has been so full of knitting and crocheting. So much to talk about with so little space!

Friday after work I stopped by Ruth’s store, RA Yarns, to get some yarn for one of her charities. She has been receiving donations for Community Warmth and Project Linus, and I wanted to help out by making a baby blanket with some of that yarn. I was determined to whip out at least one blanket with the 3 skeins of Red Heart, and it looks like I was halfway successful by the end of Friday night.

Saturday was the Knitters’ Breakfast at the Fabric Place stores, and since I was able to buy my $5.00 ticket in advance during Knit Club, I was one of the over-booked 175 folks who attended the Warwick, RI store’s event. A lot of folks waiting outside figured a continental breakfast would be served, but we were treated to scrambled eggs, home fried potatoes, and assorted meats (sausage links, bacon, and ham) along with danish and muffins. Richard Harris from Reynolds was there to answer questions about Lopi and their other yarns. Two women from the Yarn Department had demonstrations: Cindy gave an introduction to entrelac and Joanne did broomstick crochet. There were also spinners from the RI Guild and one of the Fabric Place employees. Hopefully she (I was never told her name, that or I forgot) will be able to sell her yarn with Fabric Place as a sort of sponsor. I am crossing my fingers for her success; her finished merino is vibrant and fun. Watching the spinners gave me drifting thoughts of spinning my own yarn, but I would have to find clean wool to work with, and I discovered that is the most difficult part of producing your own yarn.
Cindy - The Entrelac Queen!

Cindy with Malabrigo in Entrelac
Me-thinks I contributed to the sales of the Malabrigo kettle-dyed merino after I pulled out my WIP (Cathy’s birthday present) out to show the ladies from Knit Club. Other knitters were ooing and awing, and one of the store managers even remarked that I could have given a demonstration to show off that product! Btw, the result was that a number of Malabrigo‘s colors were sold out, including the one I am using for Cathy. I ended up getting my photo taken a number of times, and I hope to see my picture soon in the store. I have to admit, seeing a yarn as a FG/WIP can really sell the item. To jump on that subject, my MIL saw Cathy’s present, and immediately asked for one. The main deterent for her would be the 100% wool and that whatever I make for her has to be machine-washable. Not that I am complaining, but Malabrigo is not cheap stuff. The good news is that I still have a hank and a half to make her scarf, and that two other LYS have it stocked. 🙂
Cathy's Clapotis Stole
Oh, and since the Knitters’ Breakfast ended at noon, I had left at 11:30am, just in time to arrive home and watch my VA Tech Hokies sounding beat the tar out of the West Virginia Mountaineers. LET’S GO TECH! During that game, I finished up the second half of Ruth’s baby blanket, and will be able to drop it off this week for more to make. Saturday night was then allotted on Cathy’s present and packing for the Boston Knit-out and Crochet. Yes, I can be sooooo boring. 😛

Sunday began at 6am with the sun not even poking out. I had spent so much time preparing my little backpack the night before that my husband asked how long was I planning to stay in Boston! Because I have learned that being prepared is always a good thing, I wanted to make sure I had everything that I could possibly need off-hand. I then drove up to the Boston Commons for the Boston Knit-out and Crochet. I had volunteered and was assigned to help with setting up. Not only did I do that, but I helped out at the Information Booth, and became the Blogger aid to see about getting those who also have blogs to meet each other (Hi Vicki!). I even helped someone read a pattern that was (IMHO) not clearly written as possible.
I cannot count how many people I met that day, but working with everyone, especially the “bosses” Marcie, Julie, Lucy, and Patience was great! Already I volunteered to be the “Blogger Ambassador” for next year, and aim to get as much information out to the internet as possible. Be on the lookout for updates on my site. I am creating and coordinating something to get all the bloggers that attended the BKOC information in some sort of database with the various charities. I remember the pride swelling up when two women walked up and said “Love your Knit-out. It is more elaborate and much better than Philadelphia’s.” I just wanted to yell out, “Take that, Philly!”
Out of all the interesting folks, there was an older couple visiting from Europe who were confused by the “Knit-out” and “Crochet” slogan and wondered what the words meant. I admit I was a little smug when I asked them from which part of Europe they were visiting, and began grinning from ear to ear when they told me Switzerland. With a soft smile, I explained that I worked for a company that has sent me to Denmark for training, and that an East German friend told me that crochet was known as “hechlein” in his part of the country. As soon as I said that word, their eyes lit up, and nodded their understanding. I then explained the “out” part of Knit-out was that all of us were out celebrating the newest yarns and patterns from the vendors, and making friends in the process.

Now, off to work on Cathy’s present. Yes, I did get a chance to work on a couple of rows during the BKOC, but still… I am THIS close to finishing!! =:8

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  1. Hi Kimberly,

    Are you (or is someone else) going to post a list of links to all the bloggers who signed up at the knit-out yesterday? Maybe there are people who don’t want their URL given out, but I really think bloggers want to have readers. It would be interesting to read all the different viewpoints on the event.

  2. Hi Dean,
    You beat me to the punch! I now have been designated the “Blogger Ambassador” (at least that is how I consider it) for next year’s event. Your request is already on my list of “To Do’s” and I will not only be doing that, but also sending you all my list of ideas for next year’s gathering. Please feel free to check in periodically and also email me your questions.

  3. Hi Kimberly,
    Sorry we didn’t get back to the blogger meetup. We were distracted by the fashion show (where I found a few more patterns I want to hunt down) and then by, well, lots of yarn and knitters and such. BKOC was great-you’re lucky to have been a part of it!

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