Going Crazy with Being Busy

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Whew. Ravelry has me in its grip, and it has been taking whatever time I would normally be reading/writing in the blogging world. Though I am not writing all that much, I have been facing the fact that I keep amassing stash that I really should think before purchasing. To help myself recover most of my expenditures, I am attempting to post on the Destash Blog, but it has been extremely painful for the server to accept entries. Besides putting the yarn under the “Trade/Sell” tab on my Ravelry stash, I am creating a “Pushing Stash” page with all that I am selling for everyone’s access. Feel free to check out the list, and let me know if interested in purchasing the yarn. I am willing to discount according to combining multiple purchases. Shoot, I would even take a reasonable offer at this point. I just need to thin out my “collection” and get out of SABLE status. 🙂

Now, gotta get back to knitting and Ravelry some “catch up” sleep… Next time I will have more info on what happened since my last post and what I have been making. =:8

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  1. I’ve been a little lost in Ravelry too. Course I don’t have the level of stash you do but continue to be surprised how much I do have. Just when I think I’m done, I find more yarn hidden somewhere.

  2. Ooooooh, that Ravelry sounds like so much fun!! I’m looking forward to my invitation – perhaps I should catch up on housework and homework and pre-cook a weeks worth of meals while I’m waiting. LOL

    I had the same problems with the DeStash blog site. It was torture trying to post there.

  3. Am still waiting rather impatiently for my invite to Ravelry. Glad to hear that you are having such fun 🙂

  4. Waiting for my invite, too….

    Just what I need–something else online to suck up more of my time! 🙂

  5. I’m in on Ravelry and muddling thru trying to do what I can in my spare moments…I’ll be way behind you, I’m sure! lol

    Lovely stash…but you and I seem to love the same colors. (So…what do you think is in MY stash???) In short, I’d take the lavender, but I already have lavender and aubergine…in laceweight of course! The blue/green, too…

  6. I keep hearing about all of the Ravelry casualties and I’m curious about what this whole thing is. I tried checking it out but it’s still in the Beta mode so I’ll just wait patiently and see if any of my fellow bloggers survive its clutches.

  7. IF I could knit that well, I would be all over it! I did thenext best thing I could do, I listed your stash on our group page, hope that is ok with you! Hugs from hot sweaty Sweden!

  8. I’ve not gotten my invite yet, but I am on the list.
    But all this talk of stash reminds me, where did you get the green bin/dresser/shelves thing at? I LOVE it and would like to find something similar.

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