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Earning Bubbo’s Pants

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Reminder: My Contest ends on the 17th of March — Saint Patrick’s Day in the United States. So far, only a couple of folks have attempted to name the yarny goodness from my stash in the photo. Admittedly, there are some items that have not been added yet, so please consider them a challenge. 😉

Recently in Ravelry, I requested that pants be drawn on my Ravatar (avatar in Ravelry). I had to ask the mighty all-knowing Bubbo for them. Listed below is my request, her answer, my response, and Bubbo’s reaction…

My Request
Oh Great Bubbo,
I am down at your feet on all fours, and humbly beseech thee for a pair of clown pants.

Bubbo’s Answer
I love bunnies. I want to own bunnies. I think you should post many pictures of bunnies and a picture of a bunny doing something bubbo pants related.

My Response
Okay, I did some digging for more of Jessi in her pants, and found these “clickable to make bigger” baby photos:
“Hello! I’m just a cute baby girl. My name is Jessica; I love you both!”
(My butt she loves me!!)

Leaning against her train set:

In her play basket:

Cleaning herself:

My hubby’s favorite:

And my favorite:

Bubbo’s Reaction
oh my god go get pants!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I did good. Next post? Hmmm… How about my trip to meet up with “The Boring Knitter” at Lucy Lee’s LYS, Mind’s Eye Yarns? And do not let the name fool you, The Boring Knitter is FAR from boring! =:8

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  1. Hi, Kimberly – I tagged you for a Meme. This was the first one I’ve been tagged for and I hope I did it right. I love your bunny pix.

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