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Stocking the Kitchen

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Originally, I wanted to name this post, “What’s in your Fridge?” Then I changed fridge to pantry. Realizing that some folks do not have a pantry, I finally settled on the current title. It is amazing how carefully chosen words can make the difference in understanding a writer’s thoughts.

Anyway, the reason this post title came to mind is because my biggest takeaway from attending Podcamp Boston 6 this past weekend was that each of us stocks up our supplies to address whatever situation may happen. For instance, I refill my pantry and fridge in case surprise guests appear or if I am in the mood for something particular. (Notice the Coke Classic from Mexico in the photo below?)

What's in SomeBunnysLove's fridge

For those of us in the fiber world, we stock our “stash” with all sorts of yarns and rovings. My yarn stash back in my VA Tech area home office was stocked not only of various thicknesses from cobweb to super chunky, but it ran the gamut of different types of fiber from costly qiviut to cheap acrylic. Even then, I still had to buy yarn occasionally to make a gift that needed to be in a certain thickness, color, and/or machine washable. And here’s a scary thought — that photo represents only one-fourth of my stash. Yes, I have a lot of yarn.

SomeBunnysLove's stash of yarn

In the world of social media marketing, we have various social networking tools at our disposal to spread our message. For example, many of us can be found on Twitter speaking our minds, Facebook to promote our product, and Google + to create an active discussion. In using social media networks, we are able to get our point across to consumers, clients, and peers. Some social networks like LinkedIn are targeting job hunting and career advising. Another specific social network is Ravelry, the “Facebook” for fiber fanatics like myself. Many folks in my industry also like using Etsy’s social network to sell or purchase items.

One of the best tools I have seen in use would be a blog (aka weblog) in which people write out their thoughts on various subject matter. Besides keeping the writer’s readers updated on life’s items, the writer can offer products for sale, post announcements, or create a diary entry. This is where I make an announcement on an upcoming update. In the next few weeks, I will be revamping this blog to less of a diary and more streamlined to my favorite topics: marketing and technology, food and diabetes, and diverse crafting techniques. I hope all of you can bear with me as I test the pages with the new theme. Until then, I must ask the question, “What’s in YOUR fridge?” =:8

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  1. Yesterday there was almost nothing. Today there is enough in the fridge to get us through Sunday. I am traveling all the time for work now so we don’t seem to stock as much in the fridge because the boy chooses to feed himself in a different manner when I am gone. 🙂 That and we’ve both been so busy we’re lazy about food. It’s about time to straighten all that up!

  2. Chocolate cake, of course!

    I love your stash wall. I’m looking and looking and think that I may have about 3/4 of your stash amount, only my yarn is hidden and begging for air. LOL! Beautiful wall.

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