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A Celebration for SomeBunny

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Today marks two years and a month of my big decision to leave Rhode Island and come to Virginia (September 24th, 2009). Today also is a week before the two-year anniversary of that move to Blacksburg (October 31st, 2009). Many people crossed my path in this short time period, but their effect on me has been life-changing. I am conscious of the difference of friends, acquaintances, and “I’m only nice to you because you work for so-and-so.” This post is a giant reflection on some of the thoughts that have been running through my head since Podcamp Boston 6.

The most bitter memories of the past two years: I have discovered how shallow some people can truly be. I have been able to see past the people who used me as gimmicks so they and their friends could have something to laugh at. I can see how mean and ungrateful people are when I raised over both $550 and $850 toward their medical bills by selling my personal yarn stash (I have yet to get a “thank you” from either). I have been the scapegoat for other’s unsuccessful projects.

When I first moved to Virginia, it was into a place without heat or cooling, broken windows, broken doors, rotting cupboards, and barely working appliances. I managed to stay happy even before I was lent a space heater (Thanks Charlie and Marty!) so my bunnies and I would not freeze to death. I ate frugal meals of oatmeal with raisins/craisins, heated-on-the-stove frozen peas, canned tuna, fried/boiled eggs, and an occasional steak (to keep my iron content normal). I rarely ate out and bought closeout-priced wine when I could afford it. I had to save up to order the Jeni’s Ice Creams that I bought for my 40th birthday.

At least the wonderful memories outweigh the horrible ones. No longer was I smothered in negativity. I discovered the real friends who were not afraid of seeing the ghosts I shunned. For the first time ever, I discovered how death can tear me apart, and how it made me stronger in its 3 occurrences. I discovered people who were not afraid to take a chance on my ideas. Better yet, I discovered my lifetime BFF.

So if you see me smiling and grinning this week, it is because in the past two years I have undergone life changes that many people could not imagine experiencing in decades of time. The fact that I survived the massively concentrated waves of prejudice while bathing in the sea of friendship is something I am proud of. Though I do not wish what I experienced on anyone, I do hope others think before treating others shabbily. =:8

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  1. 🙂 There have been a couple of occasions in the past week that Mary Tyler Moore’s show (you might be too young to remember) comes to mind and the theme song of the show…”Who can turn the world on with her charms?….you’re gonna make it after all.” I am pretty sure that was the show. Happy (and hoppy) for you that things have worked out and that you have found true friendship in people (indeed at times it seems to be a rare find). And wouldn’t it be incredibly wonderful if people were more thoughtful! Hugs to the buns. I am sitting here amongst 4 newly knitted sweaters, so you were on my mind. How’s that swirl coming????

  2. I hear you, on SO many levels. I’ve had a year of opening eyes myself. Finding out where the cards really fall can hurt, but it’s good to know who you can count on, and who you can’t. You’re coming out the other side stronger, and you should be proud of yourself. Good for you, keep it up.

    I don’t care who you work for, or what you can “do” for me. I care about whether or not I like what you stand for and whether we click socially.

  3. Yay to you for determining what you need and want in your life to may you happy. I’ve been on that same journey for the last year or so and can completely understand what you mean. Hugs to you and the bunnies. 🙂

  4. Wow, you’ve been gone that long?? It only seems like a couple of months ago that I first met you in line at Webs for the Harlot’s book signing. Glad things are going better for you. You deserve it! Hope we’ll meet up again in another line somewhere! Or maybe Rhinebeck. 🙂

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