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Making Eggs – Part 2

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As of late I have been dipping my foot (well, okay more like diving in head first) into areas that I have not been in touch with for years. My taking up of throwing darts has been a nice challenge. I find myself improving each week in every league match, and concentrating on form is paying off. The throwing motions seem to complement the ones used in knitting. While each dart must be precise to the target, each stitch must be knit to turn a pattern into a well-fitting garment. The latest result of that steady work is winning the “Luck of the Draw” tournament with Jack (my team captain) as my partner. We split the first prize of $50 and each received a tee-shirt from Awful Arthur’s.

Now that I have found a hobby to balance my awesome knitting-related occupation, the need to address my physical activity is next on my agenda. Early yesterday morning I received a phone call from Shannon, a co-worker of my friend Charlie. He had told her that I played rugby years ago, and she wanted to know if I would like to practice with the Blacksburg Rugby Club men’s squad. Before I could think about the consequences (aka a sore body from running in freezing weather and being tackled on the icy ground) my answer was “Of course!” She then forwarded me some information and I attended my first meeting last night at The Pub (London Underground Pub in Blacksburg). I look forward to getting back into shape with the crazy amounts of running. The improvement of body coordination is also a benefit I want. The one question to answer is “How can I convince ten women to form a sevens team to play this summer?” Stay tuned to see if I bite at the bait to recruit women in the area to play with me!

In case folks new to my blog are wondering how darts and rugby tie into the “Making Eggs” topic, please read “Making Eggs – Part 1” when possible. To “Let me sum up” (a skein of sock yarn to the first person who comments which movie that quote is from) I came back to Blacksburg to discover myself. Whether it be in going back to school, a new job, a temporary place to live, or a new group of friends, I am trying to figure out how I like my eggs. So far the Boys and I are doing okay, even with the downs from the apartment and low available funds. As for the latest favorite way I am making my eggs? I have been frying two in unsalted butter yolks broken with coarsely ground sea salt and black pepper. I then cover the seasoned eggs with melted shredded sharp cheddar and sprinkle bacon pieces on top of them. I have named it my “breakfast pizza” and yes, it is oh so good. How good? I ate the pizza before taking a photograph of it because I did not want to eat it cold! =:8

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  1. Aha I think ck beat me to the punch hehee.

    Darts sound super cool and wow, you’ve got a lot going on. Good luck!!

    I’m trying my eggs this way next time. Gotta get me some bacon.

  2. I thought it was Runaway Bride, with Julia Roberts. She’s dated so many guys (and almost married them) and she always has her eggs done however they’re having them, until finally someone (Richard Gere?) confronts her to figure out how she likes her eggs prepared.

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