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Satisfying the Unsettled

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Sometimes I feel like there is something “off” inside. It could be my mind, heart, or even my whole body. Whatever the case, a dose of comfort beckons me. Recently I found myself lunching at Hokkaido Buffet in the hope that their prepared foods would soothe my soul.

As I tasted my selections, I reflected on the various Asian restaurants that would have driven me to Hokkaido. The first thought was the obvious in my last visit there. When Rich came into town for New Year’s, we had popped into the restaurant after seeing the “Sherlock Holmes” movie. It was a quickly eaten meal; it barely made a small dent in satisfying our craving for Asian cuisine. The next thought was when I visited a former friend in Ohio this past summer. Throughout the meal he controlled what we ate and drank. Everything was his decision; I barely had a say even on how much to eat! Both the memories of Thai Star with Judy and Rihm Nam’s with Steve are hoppy ones filled with fabulous conversation and listening.

While pouring over these thoughts, I realized that ironically I could not recall the names of the two restaurants that triggered my stop. Memories of eating at both places give me warm feelings of fondness for my friend Rasha. We would often meet at one of those two places when we worked at The Corporation. I miss her Arabic accent-laden frankness and witty insight. Recently I found the silver and tiger eye choker necklace that she gifted to me for Christmas 2007. It might have been years since I saw her, but I know that when I wear it, I have her in my heart. Rasha, this memory is for you! =:8

Rasha, the Traveling Yogini

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  1. My comment got lost on the innernet.

    Hope you feel better soon and er..why did your friend control what you ate?

    Sorry – just curious..

  2. Rain,
    I didn’t control what she ate :-). I remember we ate and drank our hearts desire often….Great times.

    Thanks my friend for such a lovely note. You are always in my heart and I m always around via technology or telepathy.
    Skies of love to you

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