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Facing the Fear of Differences FTW

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On our little planet known as Earth, there are multiples of races and ethnicities abound. We all look a little different and have various lifestyles, but the one bond we have is our desire to help one another in times of need. Recently the earthquake in Haiti brought out the best in many of our hearts. Now that Chile’s own destruction has happened during the weekend, maybe it is time we took another long look at ourselves and realize that being successful is not just about making money, but using our gifted talents for good in the process.

Such an opportunity plopped into my lap when I was asked if I was still willing to teach a group of teen-aged girls how to knit. I jumped at the answer and said “YES!!” without hesitation. In a week, I found a place that the girls can be surrounded without pressure at the Main Lee Art Gallery, and am now looking for donations of knitting needles, tape measures, tapestry needles, and both cotton and cotton/blend yarns to be used. If all goes well, I hope the love that I have for my passion shows through and becomes contagious. The coolest part about teaching these future ladies is that they will be making something for the folks in Haiti and now possibly Chile. In doing so they will be giving a piece of themselves in time, prayers, and hope to a world that is so opposite from theirs.

Here’s hoping that my calls for donations comes through. And if there is anybunny out there who would be willing to send us any of the needles or notions by March 11th, please let me know here, on KniTalk, or on Ravelry! =:8

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  1. You’re wonderful to be teaching them!

    I would have love to donate needles but I’ve just got one set. I hope you get the help you need.

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