Knitting Merrily Along

Posted on 4, March 2007 by

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I have been enjoying a good case of knitting mojo. So much so that I finished a pair of socks, the Brooks Farm’s Harmony Clapotis, and a stack of 4×4-inch charity squares for Rebekah’s Blanket of Hope. I should have posted on Saturday, but the day was so full that photos will describe better than my words. The day began when I arrived at 7:30AM for Fabric Place’s semi-annual Knitters’ Breakfast. If looked closely, the line waiting to get inside will become apparent in the above photo.

While seeing folks that I have met during recent outtings, I managed to receive some Classic Elite patterns for showing my CTH Clapotis and find a skein of Reynolds’ Blizzard at half price. After not finding anything else yarn-wise, I popped over at Yarns at Lacewings to see if there were any weekend specials. What I found was Cherub’s new colorways from Wool in the Woods. I decided to grab a pair of hanks in Grappa for the Sock Madness Challenge and Sock a Month 3.

I then hopped out on the highway to visit the bunnies I missed seeing on Tuesday. All 3 need socialization, the 2 girls (Goldie the Flemish Giant mix and Angela the Snowshoe Hare) more so than the little male (Leo the Lionhead). All 3 will be great houserabbits if given the chance.

While driving home from playing with the bunnies, I had a realization that I had not visited Bella Yarns and that someone from the Yarns at Lacewings’ Sunday knitting group mentioned that Bella Yarn’s owner Kim carried Mountain Colors. With such a gorgeous day, I detoured to I-195 for a drive to Warren, RI. I passed through posh-looking Barrington (scenic, but it appealed to me like a too pretty frat boy) and managed a couple of photos for Saturday Sky. What I discovered over there will continue with my next post. More later, I PROMISE!! =:8