Giving into Thine Self

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Yesterday morning with 4-5 inches (10-12 cm) of snow, it is a wonder I was able to drop off Rich at his (YEAH!!) “new” job (his second week back as an IT contractor). Even with the snow pouring down, I could not resist taking this photo of a dairy farm by the office. During mid-morning the falling snow turned into rain with the sun hiding above the cloudy sky. The rain then turned back into flurries that evening.

Though I almost worked from home yesterday, today I gave in and stayed home. I just could not deal with driving in the additional 4 inches of snow from last night. The below photo is what I saw late this morning when I finally was able to get away from my work and put some breakfast in my system.

This past weekend, I had a craving for banana pancakes. Also Rich had been craving banana bread since Super Bowl Sunday and has been wanting me to make some. I found this Banana Fritters recipe and in one mouthful, my tweaked version smashed those cravings to bits! Here are my changes:

    1) White chocolate chips instead of the raisins
    2) 1-cup wheat flour replaced 1-cup of 2-cups all-purpose
    3) Trader Vick’s macadamia liquer for the coconut extract
    4) Crisco shortening instead of vegetable oil

The result was a divine treat that I think equals the crunchy top of a banana muffin but has the portability of a fat cookie. I would have had pictures to show, but I ate all but 2 (well okay 1) of the dozen! 😉

I know with it being “Bunny Time” Tuesday, this post would not be complete without Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue Adopt-a-Rabbit photos. Unfortunately because the manager at the PetSmart occasionally likes to go on a power trip, he would not let me do my volunteer chores because Pam was there earlier this afternoon swapping out bunnies. I ended up calling Pam, and when I could not reach her, I called Jen. I will just say that the matter is being taken care of and that I will be back to socializing the buns twice next week since April will be out of town. 😀

Finally an FO that fixes my need for a quick-easy fix and covers 4 of my KALs (Knit from the Stash, UFOs, Sock a Month 3, and NASCAR Knitting). The Horcrux socks are DONE! Luckily for my sister, they are just a little teensy bit long for me. I am going to send them to her when Gabby’s BFF socks are finished. It feels satisfying to give into my cravings! =:8

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  1. Ooh, brrr. It looks so cold! Those socks would be perfect for the weather, lucky sister of yours. Hope the PetSmart manager gets off his high horse. Those bunnies need you:) I’m so happy to hear about Rich. I hope he is liking his new situation.

  2. Hey, I’ve been having banana baked good cravings too. I think I’m going to do banana nut muffins this afternoon. 🙂 I’ve been eyeing the sock pattern and looking to my stash. I think it would make good Christmas gift knitting too. (I know, it’s only March, but I need a project a month for Holiday Headstart.)

  3. Wow..the substitutions on the banana fritters recipe made my mouth water! I can only imagine how awesome they must have turned out =)

  4. I could develop a craving for banana baked goods reading about that. Sounds delicious, especially with the white choc chips (good idea to keep it looking lighter) and the 50% whole wheat flour – always goes well with banana.

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