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Happy Birthday LEW-LEW!! I love embarrassing my BIL. Besides being with me during our years at VA Tech, he is one of my favorite people in the world and I am so glad to have him and his family melted in with ours. Many a time we have planted ourselves on the couch for a weekend of football games. So much that I kind of got him in trouble with Ace. Lew was supposed to take her out one Sunday, but when she came up to get him we told her to pipe down because the game was on. You can imagine what happened next… Here is a cool shot I took of a photo that is in Gabby’s room. I thought it would be appropriate for today. 🙂

I hate it when I am so close to finishing a goal, but fail to meet a personal deadline. Take the Running Bunny’s Birthday Shawl. All I need to do is the edging, but somehow, I misplaced the completed graph I created. Another WIP that I want to turn around is the skinny pink Clapotis. Last night, I took it along because I knew the pattern enough to knit it in the dark car ride to Connecticut. How much did I get done on my second out of 3 skeins? Well, you can click on the photo to see for yourself and decide.

Not bad, eh? But I do think that if there was more lighting around us I would have finished the second skein. For now, I am getting to the end of it. Then, as soon as 25 grams are knitted up on the third skein, it will be the home stretch. Yeah!! Ooh, before I forget, here is the reason why we were in Connecticut. Mom had adopted sight-unseen a long-haired Chihuahua and the place to pick the little girl up was outside Hartford. Sorry for Mom’s tired look, but she dropped us off around 1AM this morning. Mom is so tickled pink with this 2 year-old, and is trying to decide on a better name than “Boogs” which is her given one. 🙂

Did you notice on Saturday Sky that the trees are losing so many leaves as of late? The only reason I dislike where I live is because the autumn/fall season is too short for me. I would rather have a long autumn and a short winter anyday. But then, without winter, when would I get to wear my sweaters? 😉

Speaking of sweaters, I went stash-diving today and found a couple of (okay, MANY) contenders for the “A Cardigan for Arwen” KAL. First up with 95% merino is Schaeffer’s Amanda in a blue variegated colorway at 1680 yards. Next in a wool/mohair blend is Rowan’s Kid Classic in a traditional light grey at 1812 yards. I also found James C. Brett’s Marble, a striping acrylic with light grey mixed in the pale autumn shades at 1200 yards. Fourth on the list is my giant hank of black worsted wool that I purchased at Peter Patchis’ fiber warehouse. All I can tell you is that this wool is soft and would also make a great garment! Last but not least, I have wool/acrylic blend Marks & Kattens’ Feeling in a rich purple that has little jewel-tone highlights in the colorway at 1472 yards. Hmmm, with this much yarn to choose from, I think I need to destash a bit more. Yup, time to put up some stuff for sale.

In the silk and cashmere corner, I am eyeing the 9 hanks of Noro’s Lily Multi in color #120 ($6 each, $45 for all), 8 hanks of Noro’s Hana Silk in color #40 ($10 each, $65 for all), 3 hanks of Trendsetter’s Dali in a battleship grey (a bargain at $25 each, $70 for all), and finally 5 hanks of Tilli Tomas’ Simply Heaven in pink ($20 each, $85 for all), . Please email me at kimberlyATnicdaoDOTnet if any of these would interest you. I am putting these up on the Destash Blog for a couple of days before letting them loose on eBay. =:8

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  1. Your Clapotis looks great. Such a pretty color. Those yarns are gorgeous but I think if I brought any more yarn into this house right now my husband would leave me lol!

  2. I had a great comment all thought up and then I saw the pile of yarn at the end of your post and all thoughts ran right out of my head…sorry ;o)

  3. dang, i can’t believe you’re selling all that! whoa.
    you need those glow in the dark needles for the dark car rides, i think. 😉

  4. That clapotis looks really cool in pink. 😀

    I’m tempted to get the simply heaven… but I better be good. I have stash issues going on over here. *L*

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