The Web Bit my Hand

Posted on 25, August 2006 by

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First and foremost, please go wish the awesome Sandy (enabler of Skywatching, hostess of Warm Hands, and hostess of Saturday Sky) a very happy 45th Birthday! It’s okay, I can wait… 🙂

Now to vent about the web on this rainy Friday during lunch…
My Contact Page is now disabled. For those of you who have been sending emails to me from that part of my site, I cannot stop apologizing. My DH Richie is getting sick of me telling him how heart-broken I am for not receiving a particular message Joanne sent me. So I am giving her a public “I’m SORRY!” (Hugs, Joanne!) for not getting her thank you. I will try to investigate further on what happened, but Richie thinks whatever messages were sent are lost. If you ever want to email me privately, you can click on the CONTACT link at the top of the pages and a window will open in your email application. Sometimes, I really am annoyed with technology.

Speaking of technology, Bloglines has turned into a berzerker. My 220-something feeds keep appearing as if I have not read anything. At one refresh, I had over 6000 items to read under my “Toys and News” folder! OY!! Not only that, I discovered there are over a dozen feeds to read my site, but most of them are duplicates. Here is another tool on my list of things to fix. 🙂

For those of you who use Blogger, it has begun using aural authentication instead of visual verification. That kind of surprised me at first, but the aural words would deter spammers. I like the idea. Ironically I was thinking that it could be used for those with poor eyesight (ahem, like myself), when the deterent part came into my head.

The last bite came during a bug fix I am testing. I noticed one particular feature was not working on the test site, so I wanted to see if I can duplicate the issue on the real website. Well, recently another non-related bug appeared (and I dutifully reported), and when I tried to save the item I created, that newly reported bug bit me HARD! Over 2 hours of work, POOF!

With that horrid reminder, I think I should ignore the rain and go visit Gina at her store Knit One Purl Too, and buy some of those Plymouth circular aluminum needles. Their points are sharper than Addi Turbos, and are also about half the price. Hmmm, I have 45 minutes left for lunch… =:8