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Packing up and a Movie for Bawling

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Thank you all for the warm thoughts during my argument with the machines. It felt like a comfy blanket in this cool weekend weather. I did get my needles, and was able to pick up another set for future presents. (Sigh) I really love gizmo-ey kind of stuff. Especially “girly” ones! Not only was my tension lessened, but I was able to get a quick photo of Boni’s just-arrived Secret Paws package for Jessica and Zydeco. Check out their goodies! You can bet that I will be participating in Winter swap, and this time I will give more animal toys than human ones. To be honest, it was my first time and I had no idea what to send. Now I know!

This morning when I awoke, I was determined to do something “constructive” today. So besides the usual bunny and house chores, I started pondering what to send to my SP8 Spoiler. She is an extremely busy bee these days, and I really want to get her an appropriate “Thank you for being so AWESOME!” package. Being the OCD nut I am, I came up with some ideas, and after a couple (um, maybe more like a few) hours, I think I have it down pat. The last items require a shopping trip, which I will do tomorrow. Since Lacy (yes dear, I FOUND you!) does read my site, I will not say anything until she opens the package. Sorry folks, no can spill da’ beans yet. 🙂

As for my SP8 Spoilee’s package, I already had planned what to send her months ago when I knitted her a Clapotis. The problem is that I have been asking her if there is anything in particular she really wanted. She has yet to reply, so I figured that she must be really busy, and I am taking another guess. SP8 Hostesses Kerry and Shelby have been kind enough to help me out by offering their thoughts. I hope she likes what I am sending for my reveal. If curious, now that SP8 is ending, I have the complete list of packages’ contents on my sidebar. Feel free to give up any ideas before Monday.

This evening we were treated to a serene sky before and after (click on the photos to view the larger images) seeing the movie Barnyard at Showcase Cinemas. The sky must have been a foreboding of what we were going to experience. I admit that I am a wuss, because I bawled for about 1/3 of it. I really liked the storyline: Ben the Cow, the animal leader, is the protector of all who live within the fence. His son, Otis, is a charismatic “party animal” who minces his father’s words and constantly shirks responsibility. In one defining moment, Otis is forced to grow up. To sum it up, through all the funny characters and ditties, this movie hit a homerun in my heart with its life lessons. Hope you all can see it, preferably with your parents AND kids. =:8

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  1. Ahhh, these goodies – this “Secret Paw” thing sounds very interesting indeed – and I soo love that bunny pic, what a cutie! Thanks for the tip about “Barnyard”, it does sound very interesting too and I’ll make sure to get to see it once it’s out here in Europe!

  2. Kimberly-
    Thank you for your thoughts about Domino. We will miss her. Domino used to put her head under Luna’s while she drank water just like your buns. Ah…bunny silliness!

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