Thief in the House

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Lately the bunnies have been stealing. Not really stuff from us, but more like from each other. An example is when I feed Jessica and Zydeco their hay, each will think the other has a better piece (like a clover head), so a snatch-from-the-mouth battle ensues. It is actually quite funny to watch, because when we adopted Zy years ago, he NEVER had the guts to stand his ground, let alone steal food from his “Dutch”ess. Oh, for those of you who may not know, Jessi is a Dutch rabbit. Her breed was created specifically to be a household pet with their small size topping at 5 pounds. At one point my little brat (I say that lovingly, because she IS the first child) weighed in a hefty 7 pounds and would challenge medium-sized Nibbles at any given chance. (Sigh)…

Speaking of Nibbles, yesterday marks one year when we took my Princess to the Rainbow Bridge. I remember my last month with her, spending almost every minute telling her how much I loved her through salty-teared massages. To this day, we still do not know what caused the illness in her legs. I hope that when I see her again, she will tell me. Until then, her ashes share space with Hayley’s in a beautiful Mahler urn I bought at Rick’s awesome store, Concannon Jewelers. Though it was on sale and Rick gave me even more of a discount on it, I would have willingly paid the full price because it is a strongly stoic piece. Holding the cold urn gives me warm feelings of remembrance. I guess I need to finish writing my pages on how these beauties affected my life. And I keep promising myself, I will get it done!

At least Caesar stopped his one bad habit that worried us — stealing yarn. My great find from Wal-mart, a black mini-shelved set of postal boxes, held all my Sugar ‘n’ Cream. When he was younger, this roly-poly white furball would go into whatever shelves he could reach, pull the balls out one-by-one, and sprint off with them so he could chew on the labels. The worse part? He taught Hayley how to do the same! Now, he just tries to steal all the alfafa and clover in the hay and the treats before Julius can eat any of it. By the way, like my Saturday Sky? I shot it while running around for the “Pay It Forward” do-a-long by Mama-E. Check out the link and jump in the water. It’s quite warm! =:8

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  1. I think your rabbits are really cute. I once looked into getting one from the houserabbit society here in Denver, but I decided that I just couldn’t be a good Rabbit person. But it would be nice to have warm fuzzy one around.

  2. Whenever we feed our buns, one always tries to eat the whole piece of carrot by running off with it. She never gets away with it, but it’s fun to watch them running around the house 🙂

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