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I have been pondering (obsessing is more like it) the definitions of the word “compromise” and the power that they yield. In one respect we come to an agreed status such as a battle where the opponents come to a cease fire. Another aspect is when self values and beliefs are held back between parties to ensure one another’s happiness such as a pair of lovers who do not share similar feelings about certain habits or tastes. Upon hearing the word, it is easy for some folks to feel angst.

For myself, personal situations arose in which I would staunchly compromise even though doing so would go against my internal gut feelings. The first is my battle with type 2 diabetes. I am constantly having to compromise what I cannot eat with what I want to eat. The deciding blow was the realization to perform more cardio exercise in order to burn up more of the sugar in my bloodstream. I love food and have accepted what I need to do in order to have more of it in my life.

The second was when I discovered Rufus the Rough had been beating up my Mischievous Julius so badly that Jules was terrified of leaving his sleeping spot outside my bedroom. I was blind to when I placed food in front of both of them in the kitchen — Jules would take his dinner and run back to his spot while Rufus stayed put on his side of the pen. My deciding blow was when I saw Rufus actually lunge and bite Jules in the same shoulder that was previously torn open. Needless to say, Rufus is back home with his warren.

The last personal situation I will mention was realizing what I was doing in order to have friendships. The past few months have shown me that I do not have to force myself in staying with an unhappy relationship just to look good for others’ eyes. I want to be friends with the folks who appreciate me and I do not need to compromise every single personal belief in order to do so. Constant compromise in that respect will lead to resentment, fighting, and overall a bad atmosphere.

As for being compromised in social media, so far the only issue is when I discovered I was being stalked recently. It scared me because I took it for granted that I do not publicize where I live or even the addresses of my friends whenever I visited them. The shock is slowly wearing off, but I am more cautious now of what I share on Twitter and Facebook. So please forgive me for not updating as I normally have, but I am a bit shy at the moment. Sometimes compromise can lead to wake up calls. In my case a few of them were screaming nightmares. =:8

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  1. Glad to see you being more cautious, this old lady really didn’t like it when you kept posting where you were. I know it was fun to play on foursquare and the like, but I worried about that info being out there. Protect yourself at all times.

  2. I’m sorry Rufus had to go back. I hope sweet Julius is returning to his old habits.

    I’m glad you o.k. and being careful what you post.

  3. There’s nothing wrong with a little caution and knowing that YOU always should come first!

    Poor Jules. 🙁 You’re a good Bunny Momma.

  4. Very sorry to hear about the situation with Rufus. Maybe one day in the future again you will be able to adopt another bunny that Julius will definitely bond with. I do hope so.

    You know Kim, I have always been in awe of how open you have been online, but I admit, I always worried a bit for you with how you had disclosed your locations via foursquare. At one point I wanted to join that site as well, but opted not to. Typically I only post places that I have been to AFTER I have already been there … just in case … because after all, this is still the Internet, and you have to be careful.

    I’ve been very fortunate in having met wonderful people via the Internet (one or two who are mutual friends of yours and mine), and absolutely love the Internet for those connections, but, you have to also be careful.

    *bunny hugs*

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