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A Wonderful Twist

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This week I wanted to write one post that would feature three topics: the awesome Twist Collective Trunk Show at the Stitch House of Dorchester, the anticipated package from the Ravelry Helpers Swap, and the MetroWest Guild meeting. Unfortunately disappointment reared its ugly head when the package did not arrive. I am relieved and delighted that the other two topics more than make up for it. However, I will write only on the amazing trunk show and save the guild meeting for later.
Stitch House of DorchesterpaddingAnnissa and Guido
Last Saturday on the 10th, I had the immense pleasure to drive up to Boston and visit the posh and comfortable Stitch House of Dorchester. Annissa was graciously hosting the Twist Collective Trunk Show of which Julia Farwell-Clay (known for her work in TC and Moth Heaven) was mistress-of-ceremonies. Fighting the winds and traffic, I had arrived at noon and ended up finding a seat in the second row of folding chairs. Julia and I exchanged waves to each other, and I took some photos of the crowd. Just when I was about to sit back down, I spied my friends from the Common Cod GuildGuido (of the podcast It’s a Purl, Man fame) and Michelle (Boring Knitter) — coming in from the cold. I walked to the front of the shop to greet them, and quick salutations were made. Finally I settled back into my spot. It was time for the show to begin.
Panoramic LeftpaddingPanoramic MiddlepaddingPanoramic RightpaddingRight into the 'Stage'

Attending the show held a particular purpose for me. As seen in the photos, I am quite interested in many of the featured sweaters. There were many pieces that had everyone ooo-ing, ah-ing and cooing with delight. I had already purchased Wisteria and Vivian, but was debating on knitting Little Birds and Sylvi. That one pattern was the most anticipated in the show, and it did not disappoint. Julia’s words offered tantalizing snippets on how the pieces were knit, and for whom they were made. I have featured some photos below, but all can be found HERE.
Jaali by Alison Green WillpaddingVictoria by Connie Chang ChinchiopaddingLittle Birds by Ysolda TeaguepaddingRebecca by Fiona EllispaddingSnow Flurries Wrap by Rosemary HillpaddingStormsvale by Robin Melanson

When the trunk show was over, there was much mingling and shopping. I chatted with Julia first, and then met other attendees who had never been on Ravelry. For these future members, I sent invitations on the spot. I later helped Michelle decide on whether she would make Sylvi with Riverstone Bulky or another yarn. Let us just say she is going to make Sylvi in a gorgeous cobalt blue… 😉 We both kept staring (okay, it was really myself) at this stately gentleman who was wearing a very cool cabled pullover obviously made in Noro. I introduced myself and asked permission to photograph that wonderful sweater. Besides being a fantastic knitter, Doctor John happens to be a professor of music specializing in the flute. We loved chatting about his lively and interesting stories. It turned out that he used to teach once a week at one of the Providence colleges, and blogs about his loves too.
Dr J

As I had stated previously, the Stitch House of Dorchester is a nicely stocked shop. Because I already have the yarn for all the sweaters that I want to make, I really did not need to purchase anything. However, I did find more of the Cascade Pima Silk in black for my Mother’s hat and some Addi Lace needles. There was a moment of weakness where I found some decadent Mooi laceweight from Louet. Not only did I remind myself that I have lots of luscious cobweb and laceweight yarn waiting patiently at home, but its short yardage of 350 yards made me put the $50 skein back in the little jar with the rest of its friends.
Satisfying Hungry StomachspaddingA Shot of the WindowpaddingLeft BookcasepaddingRight Bookcase

Whenever I am reflecting back on that day, I call the trunk show a success. Everyone that came seemed to have left with smiles on their faces and satisfied purchases. I peeked inside our goody bags and found Abby Franquemont’s entrelac pattern of Fourth Grade Hat. Delighted with that find, I became determined to make the hat with my worsted weight scraps (after I finish the other WIPs, of course). =:8
My bagspaddingProof of a Successful Show

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  1. Wow, what a great trunk show!!! I love all the Twist Collective patterns (and have bought most of them) so I would have loved to be there!

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