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How Karma Ignites the Soul

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Yesterday, I met up with a new group of women at my favorite area coffee shop — Aromas at City Center — for some Sunday knitting. It turned out that one of them needed a ride to a doctor’s appointment for this morning. For some odd reason without hesitation, I offered to take her. I noticed that she blanked for a bit in surprise, and after a few minutes she finally agreed to the lift. As the scene rolled forth I felt a tug at my heart that said what I did was a good thing. I had no clue why that feeling happened, but I am grateful for the result…

As I picked up A. from her place, we began chatting about the best route to take to her doctor’s office. It later led to how I am helping out in a huge way because she would have to take a 6:30AM bus to get to her 10AM appointment and then take another 4-6 hour bus ride to get home. She then opened up about herself to me. “Please don’t freak out…” was how she began her story. I listened and at one point said, “Look, you made a big mistake. But you have faced the consequences.” I did not realize that my first sentence would frighten her until she told me. We then both laughed as I dropped her off at her doctor’s office.

While waiting for her, I stopped back into Aromas to grab some breakfast. I am hooked on their $6.25 Lorraine omelet. Since it includes a slice of buttered wheat toast and bowl of fresh fruit, it is a very filling bargain. As I began writing my review for one of the books I acquired from the past TNNA sessions, a gentleman asked about my O’Reilly sticker on my laptop. When I told him that I received it along with my O’Reilly Moleskin at an Ignite Session in Boston , his eyes lit up. Suddenly I was aware that I found a fellow social media friend.

Tony’s excitement was obvious in sharing his news: Ignite Hampton-Roads was making its inaugural debut, and it would be great if I attended. Quickly I thought of my upcoming schedule and agreed to participate. I fondly remember the Ignite Boston session that I attended back in 2009 at my old Fidelity Investments building and eagerly began looking forward to being a part of the social media world at my new home.

So if ever comes an opportunity to do the right thing by offering a person a hand, you may find yourself being rewarded unexpectedly with something great. That happened back in Blacksburg, VA when I took up playing darts and discovered the group of women who became solid friends when times were tough for me. Isn’t having karma on your side fab-ewe-lous?? =:8

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  1. I know you’re an amazing person but you just blew me away with your generosity and heart. Next time I see you, you’re getting a big hug…along with chocolate, of course. 🙂

  2. Is this the meaning of “what goes around, comes around”? We were talking about you, in a good way, at Spunters yesterday. How are you and when are you visiting this way? Glad to hear things are good there..

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