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Just a quick reminder for those in the New England area (or anyone else interested) going to the Boston Knit-out and Crochet for 2006 at the Commons. Last year, I worked at BKOAC as a set-up volunteer then stayed on to sit at the Blogger Table to help out Patience. I am on the Committee this year. I also am in charge of the Bloggers and need your help.

For those who might notice my sidebar change, there is an incentive for attending Bloggers to spread the news about this year’s event. I have been given 25, yes TWENTY-FIVE, door prizes to hand out for those who set up the linking button to the BKOAC. So note these goodies are various yarns, patterns, books, etc from vendors like Berroco and Interweave Press. These Door Prizes are to be picked by the recipients at the BKOAC’s Bloggers Table where I will be planted at after setting-up. I will be in an Orange t-shirt. (Okay, that is more of a joke because all volunteers and committee members are wearing orange t-shirts.) 🙂

Now, you all ready to start? Not counting Committee members, we have 2 folks posting:
Valerie Cabrera

Scott Prentiss

Two prizes down, 23 left to hand out!

UPDATE: The BKOAC Webmistress may be unavailable during the weekend, so please comment here so I can update her when she comes back.

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