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Goodbye Represent

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After going over my last post early before leaving for work, I never did present my Saturday Sky. My schedule was so tight this weekend, no wonder it did not came up in my last post! To help ease the lack of a decent sky, I will offer some photos I shot during Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue’s Pet Seminar on Houserabbits. Now, the conclusion of Representing in NYC!

At Habu, I ran into a couple of the ladies I met from the Knitty Board. We all went down to the FIT building together and managed to get confused over the map’s layout of the entrance. The good news is that everything worked out and Jayme greeted us as we entered with anticipation. There were 2 staff volunteers handing out a Represent button for each guest. I found a seat in the third row and saw the red plastic goodie bag containing the Patons skein of soy/wool yarn and Boye aluminum needles to make a square for the “Warm up America” project. The bag also held a sheet of instructions on the size, desired stitch (garter stitch is favored), and where to send the square in case the bag’s recipient could not finish knitting the square during Stephanie’s speech. I did enjoy knitting my finished square in the yarn provided, however I did not enjoy the slippery aluminum needles, but it is a great souvenir.

Before settling down in my seat, I realized that I should hit the ladies room and get my books. Others had the same idea because that side of the building was getting crowded. I managed to pick up 5 copies and discovered that they were signed. Cheers of “Woo-hoo!!” filled my mind, and I started bunny dancing in my head (think Snoopy’s happy dance). Unfortunately, to some, these books are already accounted for certain folks. I may have to wait until I go to WEBS in May for my own copy!

Stephanie’s introduction was perfectly timed in her soft yet strong voice. Her vocal gamut of versed effects were well done and we were all giggling, laughing, and guffawing. At one point, I thought I lost my hairbrush. Let me explain, this Mason-Pearson hairbrush was the one trophy I bought myself after the divorce case with my first husband was finished. At the time, it was sold in Nordstroms and is no longer sold there. The 2 women in front of me thought I was bats to be worried over a hairbrush. Their lack of reaction of the brush being a Mason-Pearson did not help me. They REALLY must have thought I was ditzy when I told them the price so that they would understand the seriousness of the loss. Later, wonderful Cassie of Too Much Wool sat down to my left. When I told her I was trying to find my hairbrush, I decided to spill the beans on how much it cost. Funny thing about her reaction, “You lost a Mason-Pearson?” (Or something to that effect) I was so ecstatic that she knew what I was talking about, I almost forgot about finding it. By the way, it did turn up in my backpack under some heavy items that fell on it. For those who have never tried this hairbrush, please do. Like Stephanie’s book-line, it is amazing and it will create a happy head of hair. Heck, if Catherine Zeta-Jones cannot live without hers, why not me? Besides, I think I am worth it. 😉

Our little group met outside the auditorium after Stephanie was done. While trying to figure out what to eat and where, I noticed the Tsock Tsarinas had a couple of black garbage bags. Since I am nosy like a bunny (trust me, they are much worse than cats!), of course I asked what was in the bags. What happened next I did not quite start (I “helped” out greatly), but I found myself cooing over the cloud-like sock yarn and asking how much. When the Tsock Tsarinas said “$4 a hank” I grabbed the two hanks which caught my eye: a 50gram apple jade green beauty and a 100gram mostly white baby pastel hank. Since I was the first purchaser and nobody had change, I was ready to get more yarn. Before I could dive back down (the contents of the bag were surrounded by sock knitters scooping up the goodness!), Salena hands over money for one of the hanks. I had forgotten that I paid for the cab that Betsy, she and I rode from MAD to Schoolhouse Products, and she wanted to pay me back. She did not have to do that, but I appreciate her thinking of it. Thanks again, Salena!!

We decided to go to the Ginger House for dinner. All of us were still ecstatic from Stephanie’s rousing speech. I felt like we just came from a presidential candidate per rally, and our fearless leader was going to go after victory. We shared all kinds of stories, from Chris and I discussing our rabbitries, to Jessica giving us the low-down of her not-so-simple-as-it-sounds Easy Fair Isle cardigan. I must have been tired, because when some folks sent their little notepads around for names and info, I forgot to include my little notepad too. If I had, I would have recognized Nikki from Knitensity sooner! It was not until the meal was over, and she mentions her rabbit that my jaw drops, my eyes widen, and I exclaim, “You in Chicago??” When she nodded, I squealed, “I KNOW YOU!! I read your blog!” Of course I get a brain fart and forget her name, but then as I said in the Central Park post, I photographed Jessica in her Clapotis and did not realize that it was her sitting in front of me during dinner! Yes, it was a long day, but my goodness, it was FUN. =:8

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  1. Hi Kimberly! I have a Mason-Pearson, so I would have joined you in your panic. How did I ever managed to care for my flyaway hair before I got it? Amortize the cost over years of use, and getting one is soooo worth it! Thanks for posting Nikki’s link; I sat next to her at the Harlot event and CANNOT find my note about her site. I’ve been enjoying the photos from that day–I’ll remember it for a long time! Thanks, Jen

  2. I remember that Bath & Body Works sold those briefly one Christmas. I looked at the price tag and gagged. Now I’m looking at them in a different light…

    The bunnies don’t show up on my computer 🙁

  3. Hi Kimberly! You probably don’t remember, but we met at the RA Yarns closing sale. I came with a bunch of Brown knitters. Anyway, I moved to California but I still like to check the blogs of Rhode Island knitters!

    I love the colors you chose for the sock yarn! I haven’t made any socks yet, but I hear they are addictive. 🙂

  4. It was great reading about your adventures in NYC! And I absolutely love my Mason-Pearson hairbrush so I can understand your panic.

  5. I admit you have me intrigued by this hairbrush (I was not one of the people you spoke to about it, in case you were wondering!). What about it makes it so wonderful? I’m glad you found it!

  6. It sounds like you had an absolutely fabulous time in NYC!!

    I, too, own and love a Mason-Pearson. I would be so worried about losing it that I never travel with mine. I do travel with my Chi flat iron; but, my Mason-Pearson stays safely at home. And, I do agree with Jennifer, the brush is well worth the cost…I have had mine for several years now and it is still as good as when new.

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