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Hello, Farmhouse! (and Goodies too)

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Note: I have not had a chance to upload the photos for this post as of yet, but I did not want to delay it any longer. I hope to get them setup during lunch tomorrow. My apologies for not doing it sooner.

Someday, somehow, I hope to have a nice plot of land with a tidy home to match it. Once in a while I find myself regreting not purchasing the acre of waterfront property that I found via Mason-Davis Realty. During our visit to Stowe, VT for Lisa and Jason’s wedding, I began yearning for the foothills of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, and became a bit homesick. Since then I decided that if I could not have my own “bit of earth” away from the city, I would live vicariously through those that do. I envision myself among Kristin‘s lambs, or helping Chris tend to her German angoras. When a blue moon appears, I can be found at Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue on a Saturday, seeing if Pam ever needs help with the stalls in the bunny shelter.

On Sunday’s return of Represent weekend, Guido and I had the pleasure of visiting Carol Martin of Farmhouse Yarns, before chowing down some Popeye’s Chicken at Providence Place Mall. Carol began her business after getting a couple of sheep. Later, she rescued a couple more, they bred and produced beautiful fleeces for her to spin. Before she knew it, her husband threatened to throw away her wool. That was when she decided to sell her yarn. In my eyes, she is living out the dream that a number of fiber enthusiasts have.

Carol’s nice flock has rams who are so amicable, they seek head and ear rubs whenever someone comes over to greet them at the fence. The ewes are shy, but it is that time of year when lambing and fleecing occurs, so I do not blame them one bit when they avoid two-legged folks approaching them. And speaking of fleece, Carol had a BIG sale this week (last day was Saturday) with some many amazing bargains. I had taken this past Wednesday morning off to go, but the weather made me go a day earlier. I was tempted to drive down a second time yesterday because there was some yarn that I (GASP!) actually put back. Instead of going to get more yarn, I did something else which I will talk about in another post — help Pam out at the Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue shelter yesterday afternoon.

During the past two weeks I received a couple of items in the mail. One was the result of the brilliant brainchild of The Karma Girls‘ blog, “Good Yarn Karma” on Blogger. When I spotted my Asian pal Rain‘s post to swap her Creative Knitting winter magazine for something more applicable to her home in Malaysia, I knew I could help. I had sent her an issue of IK Spring 2006, a Katia pattern magazine, and a spring/summer Adrienne Vittadini pattern book. She in return sent me the CK which has this tee-sweater I am thinking about making in one of my lighter yarns. Accompanying the magazine was a neat little card and a pretty skein of mohair! I love the yarn and plan on making something lacey with it.

Another something I must confess about the Good Yarn Karma, I gifted away six chunky skeins of Cleckheaton’s Gusto-10 in slate grey/blue. I only had one request, and that was for the recipient to pay the postage. It felt great to know that someone will be using this lovely yarn.

During a visit to Fabric Place last Sunday (April 1st) I chatted with two other knitters about the “Day Knitters Overtook NYC” and how we all were planning to see Stephanie at WEBS on May 30th. We also talked about Natalie closing her store, “A Stitch Above” which lead to another conversation — writer Perri Klass. I had a chance to purchase her book, “2 Sweaters for my Father” at Natalie’s but did not. Upon hearing about her, I regretted not snatching up a couple of copies. Luckily, I spotted a copy up for grabs on the Destash Blog and scooped it up. It arrived during this busy week, and I have been reading the tasty snippets when I can. Whew! This post took forever to write. Hoppy Bunny Day, everyone! =:8

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  1. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!! The bunnies were tossed with gay abandon into a bucket and then over the ground like frisbees at the shack today!!! Isn’t Good Yarn Karma a great idea??!!!!

  2. Define foothills (since I grew up around there somewhere) 🙂 Hope the bunny treated you well (since you’re such a friend o’ the bunnies, I am sure you got extra somethins….)

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