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The Beginning of an End

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Officially Secret Pal 9 endsed last week on the 15th 31st. However, I am disappointed with its ending because I truly enjoyed communicating with both my Spoiler and Spoilee. My Spoiler has showered me with all sorts of knitting goodies that I always wanted to get for myself. Her package during the crazy Christmas weekend was a huge blessing for me, and solidly kept me sane and grounded. As for my Spoilee, I do have something special for her, and I am hoping that she enjoys her last package. In each Secret Pal session, I had prayed for a better Spoilee than the one before. I am very glad that praying paid off. Meanwhile, besides getting together my Spoilee’s package, another one is being made as a “thank you” and I would like to send it off soon. As for the dropped/undropped stitches in the gift Clappy, I think I may go ahead and send it unblocked and undropped. My reasoning is that the recipient would be given the chance of tweaking the shawl’s final look. I do hope I am correct!

This past Saturday evening was wonderfully spent with my cousin’s side of the family in Connecticut. Tess’ mother, Auntie Nita, had turned 70 years-old, and Auntie Nita’s sister Fe had turned 66 years-old. Tess along with her maternal cousins (I am her paternal cousin) decided to throw a surprise birthday party. Upon Tess’ request, I baked another leche flan, but this time served it in the cake plate that Lisa gave to us from her wedding table centerpieces.

Never under estimate the intensity of a Filipino gathering. I had met so many people that I ended up forgetting their names! Not only were there so many people, there was a ton of food. For such a small gathering of family members, the food could have fed us the entire weekend besides of dinner and dessert. What I took delight at the end of the evening was that my husband and I are welcome to visit during family dinners. These invitations have begun the end of feeling abandoned by family members in New England. When that feeling is completely gone, it will not be missed, and I am looking forward to it. =:8

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  1. Glad SP9 went so well for you.

    I think I need to tag along to your family’s parties! They really know how to throw one down.

  2. I had fun with SP9 too, I am jealous of your spoilee, she had a great spoiler!
    Looks like you really whooped it up with your family…I want to come too!
    Kiss those bunnies for me.

  3. I’m late. I have stuff together for you and haven’t gotten to the post office. Tomorrow for sure and I’ll send it priority so it will only be a tiny bit late. Sorry. Your Secret Pal

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