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Fixating on Improvement

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People often try to better their lives at least once. For some like me, obtaining near perfection (because reaching that goal is truly unrealistic) is an obsession that rears its ugly head in various forms. The induced stress can make or break our minds. If we can direct the stress to positive channels, great! But there are times when the resulting bi-polar mood swings, aggressive personas, or depressing downers devastate our fragile egos. These thoughts are why I am writing again.

While sitting back and analyzing past behaviours of what worked and flopped for myself, I could not help but think on how businesses also experience similar issues. Society is constantly changing culturally, economically, and technologically. A business must adapt at times to keep up with the pace in order to achieve (or maintain) financially stability or become a drowned rat on a sinking ship. Gone are the days when being the only local “brick and mortar” shop guarantees retail sales. Now these same local shops are competing against shops who also have an internet presence.

My Machnamh photographed 20161201
My Machnamh photographed 20161201

However I have seen businesses whose obsession in becoming “bigger” and “better” lose customers because they now lack the finesse of customer service and outright courtesy. By expanding so quickly, they have forgotten that personal care goes a long way in maintaining a loyal following. This reason is behind why I am extremely hoppy to divulge what I have been up to since September 1st: working at The Fibre Co. as their Ravelry Community Manager. Instead of hiring one or two people to market her company’s brand, Daphne hired a team of niche specialists, with mine being in Ravelry. I’m grateful to be a part of a wonderfully adventurous team. =:8


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