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Kicking off the ModeKnit Yarns Corset KAL

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Because I saw that a couple of folks had not received their yarn yet, I thought I could start the Corset KAL on a slight delay. I had cast on and finished Chart A with two (2) rows of Chart B. I did knit this pattern ahead to see how certain changes might work for my body shape, and I am sharing with you what I have done.

Kicking off the ModeKnit Yarns Corset KAL: Preparation of materials

    Here are the steps I do for every project:

  • After printing out the pattern, I circle (or highlight) each number count stated for my size. It seems rather intuitive, but I have met some crafters who regretted not doing so because they worked the number not set for their size.
  • I note the areas where stitch markers are recommended (2 for the Corset), and mark on the pattern’s instructions where they are placed. I also mark on the instructions where additional markers can help me.
  • To me, lifelines are the utmost importance, so I keep a contrasting colorway of yarn that is thinner in weight to the pattern’s yarn.
  • If buttonholes are created during instead of afterwards in a separate button band, I circle each row where the buttonhole is made and also use a contrasting stitch marker to remind me to create it.
  • Kicking off the ModeKnit Yarns Corset KAL: Marking buttonholes

  • Lastly, but most important is swatching to ensure I will be knitting the pattern in the resulting fabric I want to wear. Because of my tendency to knit loosely, I will be knitting the lace band on a needle 2 sizes smaller, and the rest of the garment with a needle one size smaller.
ModeLuxeDK and Love for my Corset Tank
Click on the Photo to hear about ModeLuxe DK and my Love for Annie’s Corset Tank
    For my Jade Corset, I decided on the following:

  • With a contrasting colorway, I-cord cast on using 4mm/US6 needles as done in previous versions of the Corset.
  • Use a smaller needle for the should/neck band, which I did in the Lavender Corset. In this version I am using the 3.25mm/US3 size.
  • Slip the first stitch as if to knit.
  • Twist the knitted garter stitches through the back loop (by knitting in the back loop) when I am on the wrong side row.
  • By doing both of these two above mentioned techniques, I adjusted the should/neck band for my sloping shoulders and I tightened the garter stitch button band to account for my tendency to knit loosely.

  • One of the changes I did in the Lavender Corset of adjusting the armholes was definitely needed again for my Jade Corset. So I am writing a tutorial on what I did in the next post.

So… Have you cast on yet? And if you haven’t joined us yet on Ravelry for the Knit-along, please do!

Kicking off the ModeKnit Yarns Corset KAL: Stopping after 2 rows of Chart B

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