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First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day everybunny! I have Bunny Luvin’s and Kisses from my Fabulous Four at PetSmart’s Adoption Center. Last night I had to trim GG’s nails and drew a lot of oo’s and aaw’s from the customers seeing her pretty face. Jasper was a love muffin as usual and had not retreated when I said my good-byes. Nikki is slowly coming out of her shell, but it will take patience to gain her trust. I was able to get Mac to “toss back” a ball back at me with his nose. He seemed annoyed at first, but at least he is interacting more.

For geeky sci-fi/fantasy girls like me, one might recognize this post’s title from “The Empire Strikes Back” the George Lucas movie. Over the weekend I was on a “Star Wars” kick and could not get enough of the latter 3 films. Fortunately for me, all were on cable, and made for happy background knitting noise. The title also can be attributed to my network connection yesterday. Somehow it would not work, and I was unable to get online to work and post.

Today is much better. I was able to work from home today on account of the upcoming storm. Over the weekend, I was a bit productive. Besides getting more yarns posted on the Destash Blog, I had been snatching up other yarn for listed projects. Note: Getting yarn for projects, and buying sock yarn are not against my Destashing Rules. Plus, I am entitled to buying yarn in shops once per month, and I intend to use my “crazy days” to the full extent. I think all can figure out what is next for viewing. Yup, my latest additions which includes finding a hank of STR in Rhode Island Red to match the one I won (how’s that for a pun?) from Lisa at “Knitting by the Sea” which I must say is a COMPLETE twin. I can barely tell them apart and that is only due to one previously having a price sticker.

Finally in another bit of crocheting and knitting items to note, here are these awesome gifts from Helene: encased knitting needles and crochet hooks from Denmark. Both sets are made from bamboo and I am looking forward to working with them. The gifts also reminded me that I must thin out my needle collection a bit more. I may be posting some magazines and books too, so be on the lookout on the Destash Blog. Meanwhile, here are my finished mittens for my buddy Mike. I get to give them to him tomorrow. Now I can use my US3 circulars for my “A Cardigan for Arwen” project. YEAH, BABY!! =:8

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  1. Those bunnies are so cute. And I know that look from the litterbox all too well: “I’m on base, so you can’t get me.”

    I’m knitting up some RI Red STR right now. I was going to make plain stockinette socks, but the colors reminded me too much of cat barf. I ripped it out and am now reprogramming my eyes to see “chocolate-covered cherries” instead of cat barf. And on the cuff I’ll put some hearts. They’ll be my socktopia socks. 🙂

  2. We also were all about the Star Wars this past week. HBO has been showing the films a lot lately, and it pleases my 5 and 6 year old boys to no end (not to mention the husband)
    I have yet to fully see the second film from the three newer ones, or have yet to see the final one at all. I drove the husband nuts asking questions 😉

  3. Such cute bunnies.

    My oldest daughter had a bunny. He was the best. I miss him but a bunny and our Akita don’t mix….so as much as I would love another I can’t see it while we have the dog. Even during Cottontails last year we had to be so careful the two never crossed paths. Very hard!! Cottontail actually passed away on Valentines 🙁

    Great yarn you have there too!!

    Love those mitts. I need to make myself a pair.

  4. Did I ever mention that I’m totally in love with all these little furry bunnies whose pics you’re posting on your blog? I want to cuddle and hold them all, that’s for sure 😉
    And what a goodie yarn you got for yourself, very beautiful colours – and I adore the mitts, they look ever so cozy!

  5. Great pictures of the bunnies…why aren’t they in their forever homes yet? They are so cute. I wish I could take them, but DH would kill me for another pet in the house. LOL

    As for the riding my bike…I felt like my lungs were going to climb out of my chest and beat me about the head. I was really hurting. I probably didn’t look very well when I got to Church. The office manager is kinda like a mom…she was like, go sit down. We’re fine.

    My car is done now…which is good because my girls need some more hay & pellets.

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