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My Favorite Place

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Everyone has that one place to hide away from the world. For me, it used to be my back deck until the carpenter bees took up shelter in the railing. I used to love sitting back in one of our lounge chairs with a ball of yarn in one cup holder, a glass of an ice cold beverage in the other. In the winter, I completely snuggle in my comfy chair and prop my feet on the ottoman. As of late, I discovered what I call a magical place of nature. If I cannot get my hideaway in DelMarVa, at least I can run over here and hide with some friends!
Seven Arrows Farm in Seekonk, MA
I mentioned coming here in other posts, but never put together a series of photographs of this wonderful place. Finally, from the last visit with Carine, I snapped a few shots and can share them with everyone. Please enjoy them!

Now for some fun news: I am participating in Rhinebeck Blogger Bingo 2007!! I signed up to be both a square and player for Saturday the 20th. I cannot wait to play. =:8

Dolores and Rhinebeck Blogger Bingo 2007

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  1. what a wonderful place to go! sigh

    that is a very comfy looking chair. I fear I just might live in it over the winter time if I was you!

    Rhinebeck bingo? must surf along to check this out.

    OH!!! like the new look of your blog. It’s easier to read and my eyes thank you.

  2. Ooooohhh, that looks like such a lovely “get away from it all” spot. Thanks for the pictures!! I don’t think I’m going to play Bingo this year, but I do plan on being there on Saturday, so I’ll keep an eye out for you!!

  3. The blogger bingo sounds like too much fun! As if I needed another reason to be jealous of everybody going to Rhinebeck!!

    Where is Seven Acres farm? It looks beautiful, and I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it before.

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