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Celebrating the Holidays (Part 2 of 2)

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I know, I know. I am HOURS late. Call it my re-discovering of “Filipino Time” when certain folks arrive late so as to make a dramatic entrance. I did have great reasons though. Specifically FIVE (3 people and 2 dogs). And if the photos are not displaying, that is due to my not uploading them yet! 😉

For today, in trying to recover from my cHokies’ ineptitude (they blew a HUGE lead at the half to LOSE the GAME!), what do I watch? More football, but with the NFL this time. Again for the third week in a row, my benched players outdid my roster. I really need to start listening to my gut and begin ignoring the “expert” sports analysts. I fell in points in my Yahoo FF League “The Big Show” and am no more the second or third place out of the seven teams. Then again, with this FF being my first ever using a draft, I guess I should be elated that I am not dead last!

To continue on with this past week’s shenanigans, I give you more…

      Thursday, December 28th:
      Worked from home — nothing exciting to describe, but then again I really have not told you much about what I did for a living anyway. 😉 Began my sister’s requested Southwestern runner for her dining room table. I decided to take the butterfly pattern from the “Folk Shawls” book and knit the central butterfly motif in CTH’s Twister. Major issue with the yarn; the hank I purchased is not one entire hank, but rather a dozen little ones at maybe 70 to 90 yards each. Quite annoying when you want the resulting project to be seamless without ends to weave. 🙁

      Friday, December 29th:
      Worked from home. Packed my bags while addressing a work-related emergency that occurred. Once again I have over-packed my knitting items, but I always add WIPs “just in case” I get stranded with nothing to do. During all the work ruckus, Jessica and Zydeco’s Secret Paws Winter Holidays 2006 package arrived. Since my flight was scheduled for the early afternoon, photos and the post will have to wait until I get back. At the airport, Rich and I had lunch together. Uneventful flight delay-wise, chatted with some interesting folks, and had a great welcome by my sister and her family. Dinner immediately followed at Reginella’s Ristorante.

      Saturday, December 30th:
      I need to post about the Christening later. Why? Because it deserves its own post! 🙂 Meanwhile I shall tease you with news on a visit to my favorite LYS in Virginia Beach. I really cannot get enough of Ewe Knit Kits. So much that I am going to start saving money for KnittaPalooza 2007.

      Sunday, December 31st:
      Football, football, and football. What could be a better way to ring in the New Year than with family and friends? In my case, a close friend’s family! Anita was the awesome roommate to my sister and myself in our 3-bedroom townhouse over ten years ago. We have been close friends, and consider ourselves family members to each other. (Not that my sister and I are not…) While my sister Ace and her family were at her in-laws’ home, I joined Anita and her husband, their 9 month-old son Aidan, and their two dogs to watch football and welcome 2007. We discussed motherhood, and what I could expect, the dogs’ behavior with Aidan, and gorged on her lumpia (these springrolls are sold in the cooked foods deli section at the local supermarket!), hashbrown casserole (YUM!), BBQ weenies, and Hidden Ranch salsa dip. We cheered when Oakland lost (Anita’s husband Michael is a die-hard Raiders fan) so they can have the first pick in the NFL Draft. We booed when other teams won/lost. And of course we watched the ball drop. In the midst of the activity we exchanged gifts. I really love mine, and I will be doing the best to figure out how it was done. Since the sweater is fair isle intarsia, stitch-counting will be a breeze. (At least I hope so!)

      Now where did I put that camera so I can upload those photos??? Finally — here are the photos to match the post. =:8

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  1. Hey Kimberly!

    Just wanted to stop by and thank you for commenting on my blog.

    This is kind of strange, but I used to lurk here a while ago, but then lost the link somehow. Anyway, glad to have found you.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Greetings Kimberly–

    Miss Bonita’s “mommy” here… I was so glad to read that you received your Secret Paws package. We had two blizzards here in Colorado which shut down the mail service both before and after Christmas. Even my office was closed for several of those days. I was concerned that with the backlog of holiday mail, your package got misplaced.

    Anyhow, I hope your bunnies enjoy the treats. Thank you so much for your package of goodies for my chinchilla. She loves dried fruits and the rosehips are going to be a nice treat for her.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog… I’ve been crocheting since I was a teenager–it was my Grandmother who taught me to crochet and to sew. My sister, Jenn, loves to knit (she’s Timothy Dickens “mommy” on the Secret Paws site). I’ll have to tell her to check out your knit projects.

    Blessings to you and Happy New Year!


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