Weeding Works!

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Geesh, I must have some Freudian slippage going on. I had to correct myself and re-type the title from WEDDING to WEEDING about a number of umpteen times! Well, there are 2 weddings happening at the end of summer, so maybe that is it. Meanwhile…

Last night, I decided to move my knitting chair from against the wall. Voila!! The little red pouch with the beloved stitch markers is there under the chair the entire time. And my DH Rich had all the reasons in the world to do the ITYS, but instead, he just griped on why I never do what he suggests. Still, he’s so smart… After all, he married me, right? 😉 And now I keep the little pouch with me at all times in the knitting pouch in my purse. Yup, I am not going to lose these babies EVER AGAIN.

Now that “weeding” around my chair produced results by the found stitch markers, I decided at 6:30AM today to weed my large flower bed. Mind you, I normally sleep until 7:30AM (okay sometimes 8AM) since I started working from 9AM to 5PM-ish (usually 5:30PM-ish), so playing in the dirt this early in the morning with only 5 hours of sleep, well… Okay, I am a nut. I weeded out whatever dandelions I could find, some errant grasses, and put a litterpan of “bunny gold” (at least that is what a master gardener called my bunny stuff!) in a trench I made around my miniature lavender rose bush, and covered it with soil. The hardest task was yanking out a locust tree sapling that decided to grow between the rose bush and cedar. Uh, NOT! I don’t think so!! And that darned thing had a horizontal root about 5-feet west and 4-feet east. *Whoa.* With the thought on how tired I will be after the Paw Sox game tonight, I give you bunnies to entertain you with their attempts to nap… =:8

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  1. yay! you found the stitch markers!
    dude, by 6:30, i’m on the road because i work at 7. blech!
    aren’t those pouch things great?! i like that the colors are bright, which makes them highly visible for when you lose them 🙂
    soooo…how is your lace knitting coming along now that you have your stitch markers? 😉

  2. Glad you found your stitch markers! I was just thinking this morning at 6:30ish while Annie was doing her thing so to speak in the woods that it would be a great gardening time. The only cool time in the Spring/Summer of the South. However, I quickly snapped out of that idea.

  3. Oh man, chairs can be like dryers eating things up as soon as they get near. Good thing you saved your stitch markers.
    I’m also a morning person-I find it hard to sleep until 8, the days gone. ;o)

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