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A Lot of Knit Happens

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There are many knitting groups that I like to visit. One of my favorites was created by Sue and Denise over at Knit Happens in Johnston, RI. To those who wonder why a knitting group would exist, think of the social quilt bees back in the era when quilters would gather together to work on a project. For today’s knitters, these groups not only help to motivate to finish projects, but they also help establish an emotional support system of friendship.

Back in the spring, I brought a friend visiting from out of town to the group. The ladies welcomed my friend with open arms. Sadly, I no longer am on speaking terms with that friend, but at least I know that anyone can walk into Knit Happens and feel comfortable. Another great example of their liveliness is how they set up Sunni’s bachelorette party (click HERE for the all photos) at the weekly meet up on Tuesday the 28th.
Sunni with her Bouquet
Recently, Sunni and her boyfriend decided during a family picnic that they should get married. They then decided to tie the knot at the end of the month on the 29th of July. Discovering this information two weeks before the wedding date, Sue and Denise teamed up with Sunni’s BFF Vanessa to throw her a knitterly bachelorette party the night before the nuptials.
Yummy goodness
With lots of food and drink by us (I brought in pastries from My Favorite Bakery), we shared lots of laughs, jokes, and stories of Sunni’s spontaneous engagement/wedding. She received various types of gifts, running the gamut of flowers individually made by the members of the group, to a frog that croaked different tunes, to black string licorice rolled up into 6 balls along with some chop sticks to use instead of knitting needles. We even did a paper presentation (no projector was available) of some “stripper sheep” where giant prints of sheep in stages of being shorn were displayed!

Can I say that the ladies of Knit Happens just ROCK?? =:8
Sunni's Goodies

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