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Enablers Are in the Haus

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Ravelry and Bloglines allow lots of distraction. While researching the possibility of using a toe-up pattern for my Sockapalooza 4 Pal, I found other patterns I want to try. These distractions made me start swearing inside because there is not enough time for me to make them all! A very good enabler is the talented Canadian Eve from Needle Exchange. Not only does she decipher cool lace patterns, she finds full-scale ones to check out and make!

Meanwhile, I found something for rabbit lovers. Specifically, rabbit lovers who enjoy seeing bunnies YAWN. I am smitten by these little buggers and give credit to the Hopscotch Blog for linking them for me. Speaking about bunnies, after playing with them on Tuesday night, I am convinced that the PetSmart Cuties are so huggably sweet. I so wish I could take them all home. But I think my little band would protest along with Rich.

Thursday was a big day for me. I attended the Summer Session of the Knit & Crochet Show in Manchester, NH. I had not signed up for classes but had to drop off Boston KOAC fliers at the WEBS booth and meet with Tracy from Tilli Tomas to discuss yarn requirements that we need for Ravelry. I ended up hanging out in the 24/7 Knitting and Crocheting Lounge. I met a lot of folks like the 3 JoAnns (from Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York) and Theresa. I also met a funny and delightful celebrity designer. Recognize her?

Lily Chin sat with our little group for a bit. She was wearing a very cool lace dress in a tweedy summery green. When someone appeared asking us if we would be interested in purchasing crochet hoop holders (they reminded me of wine charms) to help the maker for $10, there was a scramble for the pretty jade/sage green ones. Luckily I was able to grab one of the 3 sets while Lily and one of the JoAnns grabbed the other 2! I also met Annie of Annie’s Attic who is with the House of White Birches publishing company. She was there with Shirley Brown and her husband. I had sat with the sweet Stephanie from Baltimore who had questions on the various ways of knitting decrease stitches. Last but not least, I must mention my fun-witted dinner partner, but here’s the crazy part — I cannot remember her name for the life of me! I remember that she lives in Mississippi with her Greek-descent husband and their daughter (who are out there for a 2.5 week trip) hence the escape! She was attending the Summer Session for only that Thursday, and she is quite funny. We both went to the Red Roof Diner for supper and both had pie. Help! I cannot fill in the blank!!

I met so many other people. The incredible Jonelle Raffino of SWTC was actually standing behind us with her family while we were waiting to get into the Marketplace! SWTC supplied the cool red shopping bags for the first few hundred of us (I cannot remember the full count). After I asked, she let me snap a photo of her and her cute daughter. Because I understand about posting children’s photos, I will not post it unless I get permission. However, I think I have enough photos to satisfy hungry eyes! If you want more, click HERE.

I could not leave without showing another package! On Saturday, an innocent white box arrived, about the shape of a shoe box. Puzzled, I checked the shipper’s name and address but did not recognize it. Opening the box presented me with 5 skeins/balls of yarn, but still no way of figuring out what the package is for. After my headbanging and research, I discovered that the yummy yarn is from my upstream “Knitting NASCAR Fans” Swap pal Nicole. WHEW! I am glad I was able to get all that settled. One last shot… My current knitting bore WIP, toe-up Mad Cow stockings. (YAWN!!) Help me PLEASE!! =:8

It would help if I actually linked to the Manchester photos, eh??
A Double YEE-HAW! Leslie was my fun dinner buddy. Thanks (and big huge bunny hugs) for dropping by. 🙂

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  1. Man…you get to go see all the cool knitting stuff! I am so jealous. Thanks for the link to the bunny yawn page. I knew there was a site somewhere out there, but I hadn’t been able to find it.

  2. Ah, we missed you at the guild meeting/baby shower and now I know why! That is such a fun event. Did you come away without buying any yarn?!

  3. Your bunnys are adorable. I need to post a pic of my lil man. Thumper is his name but I call him Bunny Foo Foo as he had his name when I adopted him. I have a question: any tips for Bunny proofing your home?? He loves wires.

  4. The knit and crochet show looks and sounds like it was lots of fun! The mad cow socks are such pretty colors.

    Love the cute bunny pics. I’ll have to check out all those yawning bunnies!

  5. (Waves)

    Hey Kimberly! It’s me! The knitter with the kid and the Greek husband! I blogged about you as well–and I only remembered your name because I actually wrote it down!

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