Reversing a Slump’s Negative Karma

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Lately I had a bad experience at the closest LYS near my work. This LYS in Wakefield, RI has a fabulous owner in Ms. Regina, but there is one staff member who leaves much to be desired in her snottiness every time I have visited. Basically, if you do not want to be treated like dirt and would rather just deal with Gina or my other favorite staff members, go on Monday, Friday or Saturday. Yes I am being quite frank, but customer service should be a priority and not be a “playing favorites game” for certain individuals.

Another LYS experience which left a mark is when one of the metal connectors in my Plymouth Bamboo Circular set fell off the wire. I had called the toll-free number and was told to just send in the case and a new would be sent in its place. Immediately after I hung up the phone, I wrote a short memo on a notepad (had no stationery available) which thanked the store and provided my shipping information, inserted the makeshift letter in the case, and FedExpressed it to the store. Using the tracking number, I noticed that the LYS received my package but never made any attempt to contact me. Confused, I looked up their toll-free number and dialed.

When the LYS owner answered the phone, I introduced myself as the person who sent the set. I was snidely told that the package was opened but all it contained was the circular needle set and that I did not help by not providing any information. I discovered that the “status of my set is on the web-person’s desk because all online purchases are handled that way” — even though my husband CALLED someone and purchased the set over the phone! “Excuse ME? I am really sorry but did anyone bother to open the case?” A bit upset at this point, I did my best to calmly state that I wrote a small letter that was folded inside the case and the broken pieces were taped to the paper. Seeing this store’s reaction verified my foresight (I have realized my QA engineering background has given me habits that pay off!) to have photocopied the letter with the broken pieces and case as backup documentation.

Needless to say, I finally did get my replacement set, but all that arrived in the mail was the case. No “Thank you for continuing business with us” message or even their latest newsletter. With all the competition nowadays, it is the little extras that keep people shopping at a store. No matter how insignificant a purchase or customer may seem, I know that all my favorite LYSes have me returning because they want their clients to come back. A perfect example is Ewe Knit Kits & Yarn in Virginia Beach, VA. I literally drop $50 or more there whenever I come home, and I will only shop at that LYS because of the friendly service Bobbie and her staff provide. In fact, I had my Daddy go immediately there after he picked me up from the airport. Yes, it was THAT worth it! 🙂

Now what am I doing to reverse these curses? Why knitting away on some secret projects!! Since I cannot show anyone what I am doing as of yet, I present my Elf Name. Feel free to tell me what happens in the name-generator. Until then, I will attempt to get some cool photos for the next post. =:8

Christmas Elf Name

My Christmas Elf Name is

Get your Christmas Elf Name at

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  1. Argh! Sometimes one really wonders how some people are able to keep their jobs – if I would have had an attitude like that in my former jobs, I would have gotten sacked in an instant! It’s such a shame that there’s still so many people around who don’t have any clue whatsoever about customer care – but well, in these days they’ll get the bill for that pretty quickly, I’d say, they won’t be able to keep their businesses going like that for long…

  2. It must be some sort of trend for LYS owners to be so snooty. It’s pretty much the same in this side of the world too. Horrors…

  3. Like you, I am baffled at the lack of customer service at so many stores. Don’t they realize their business depends on happy customers?

  4. LYS owners need to realize that they have more than local competition, there are internet stores as well. I am lucky both of my LYS’s are great, but I have been to some out of town that have been horrible.
    By the way, LOVE your elf name!

  5. If we all stick together maybe these LYS owners will get the picture…my LYS is the pits! I ONLY buy there when it’s a dire emergency (it’s 15 minutes from the driveway), my closest favorite is 40 minutes away!
    This is why I want my own shop! I’d do some damage just by giving GOOD customer service!

  6. Luckily, the snooty LYS in my town closed this year, and all the knitters were able to put up with one last bout of snottiness to buy her entire inventory for 60% off or more. Sometimes karma really does come around.

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