The Bigsock Cometh to STITCHES East

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After the incredible deluge of folks who knitted on the Bigsock at Rhinebeck, it seemed only appropriate that I take this puppy on the road with me to STITCHES East. 🙂 I picked up my buddy Erin (LittleWit on Ravelry) of the “Half Acre Goods” blog at the correct airport (I first went to the teensy one in Hartford) and we headed to her aunt and uncle’s home for the weekend. Little did we know how busy we would get and how much fun we would have!
Bigsock surrounded by buttons
Many of the pictures easily tell the story for me. Thanks to some connections at the US Post Office, we were able to track when the box containing Bigsock would arrive and then hurried it out to the convention center. As soon as we could open the box, I measured the length of Bigsock since its Rhinebeck adventure: 24 inches total. (woohoo!)
Measuring Bigsocksomebunnyslove padding24 inches!

There were so many people came to see Bigsock. Huge giant thanks go to Jenny Bannock of the wonderful DivineBird Etsy Shop who not only helped at the booth, but also recruited many folks to come and knit on this never-ceasing-to-grow section.
DivineBird Jenny teaching a new knittersomebunnyslove paddingThe ever gracious Julia Farwell-Clay of Moth Heaven and Twist Collective

We had folks come from all over New England to knit on Bigsock:

Friendssomebunnyslove paddingThe wry ErickaJo from Two Pointy Sticks
somebunnyslove padding
The ever-smiling Allison Greene somebunnyslove paddingShhhh.  Future knitter sleeping!
somebunnyslove padding
One of many male knitters who stepped up to the platesomebunnyslove paddingZarzuela Fibers and Mostly Self-Taught Knitter
All I can say to sum up the weekend? Wonderfully satisfying. Thank you everybunny for coming out to STITCHES East in Hartford!! =:8

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